Monday, August 24, 2009

Awear is a magical place

I have been holding off talking about these dresses cause I am smack bang in the middle of a no spend month. As I had previously mentioned I had been spending like a loon on God knows what so I decided to ban myself for a month (roll on the 10th September). Anyway I have been doing good work during this time, I have been spotting items that will suit other people and bringing them together. Anyway back to my Awear dresses, Awear is my new saviour, it has smashing clothes and you can get about two dresses for the same price as a top in other high street shops. The first dress I bought is black and grey with animal print jersey on the top, I love the jersey top because it allows you a bit of movement and it also has my favourite ever feature on a dress.....pockets...... I come over all posh spice, plus you can put your lip gloss in them.

Now for my favourite dress, it is like a goth version of the dress at the beginning of Sex and the City, you cant really tell from the picture but there is tulle underneath the skirt and once again a comfortable jersey top.
I will be wearing them with a shock of colour, namely my new blue shoes :)

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OOO I got some new shoes on and everything gonna be fine

Well I may be known for my love of make up but a not so secret fact is "I loves my shoes" and these new ones are .... well, just perfection. On a trip to Zara where I have been stalking a studded blazer (but of course Zara never have a large on the shelf) what did I spy but these little beauties. They are just a beautiful blue with a slight platform and cut out design and a bargain price of 69.95 euro. I love them, I dare you not to adore them too.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was on the lookout for some cheap make-up brushes as backups, and to leave at home at my parent's house as I always seem to end up there with make-up but nothing to put it on with. When I say cheap, I was thinking €5 or less for an eye brush, but everything in that price range was rubbish, and I basically wanted MAC quality brushes, cause I'm reasonable like that!

Step up E.L.F. . I had heard of this company before and decided to have another look at their site after watching Lollipop26's review of one of their bronzers on You Tube. I also decided to check out their brushes. I am so impressed.

From left to right are the blending eye brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush and ELF Studio powder brush. They are such good quality, especially for their price - really soft and dense. All of the brushes in the regular range are £1.50 stg each and in the ELF Studio range £3.50 stg each. They also do nice brush sets.

In addition to the brushes, I ordered the ELF Studio Warm Bronzer (£3.50stg) which I don't love. When it arrived part of it was shattered. The powder is so soft that I was able to compact most of the broken bits back into the powder. It's this softness or looseness (if that makes sense) that I don't really like about this bronzer, when you sweep your brush across it there is a lot of 'fallout' and I think it looks too powdery on my face. I'm going to use it more (maybe with a lighter hand) to see if it grows on me.

I also got three lip gloss tins (£1.50 stg) which are lovely - nice retro packaging & they smell gorgeous, and a nail polish in Dark Navy (£1.50 stg) which goes on very nicely but does not have great staying power, it's definitely no Inglot or O.P.I..

In conclusion I will definitely be purchasing more of their brushes and trying out some of the other products too - I've heard good things about the primers in the Studio range.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stress Therapy

Hi, I was having quite a stressful weekend so as a bit of therapy I decided to buy some makeup, I was in such a rush I didnt really know what colours I had gotten til I went home, but they turned out to be lovely. First off I flew into Mac and since I had about four and a half mins to buy something I just picked and went. I got two eyeshadows Strike a pose which is a really intersting gray/teal colour and Fashion Groupie which is a deep muited purple. They are both starflash eyeshadows and are really creamy. I got a dazzleglass in Internationalist which is a everyday pink. For a back to mac I got the lipstick in Milan Mode which is an 80ies fushia. Am not sure if this is a bit of a mistake but in honour of the late John Hughes I am wearing it with glittery pride (note to self- dont wear with sparkly eye shadow....way tooooo 80ies). I also picked up a new Urban Decay shadow in Ecstasy and their liquid liner in Minx which I LOVE. It did come to my attention when I got home that Urban Decay eyeshadows are €17.50 opposed to Macs €15.00.

I was thinking when I got home that I did not put a whole lot of thought into my purchases partly because I didnt have the time but mostly because I was stress shopping. I have been doing this a lot lately, so I have decided that I am not going to buy any makeup or clothes for a month. Thats right no more shopping as therapy no more mindless spending. I will let you know how I get along and hopefully I can discover old items that I will grow to love again. I did also buy two dresses yesterday but I will save it for another blog
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smashing Fashion

Well it was a Bank Holiday Weekend and what better way for a girl to relax than a bit of retail therapy. It was just a quick trip to Zara a shop that until recently I had forgotten about but as you will see it will be top of my list from now on. I got a wonderful sparkly (you will see that word a lot in my section of this Blog) Boyfriend Jacket which was 129 Euro, and a very lovely white top with skull and stud detail on it for 19.95 Euro, and an animal print top for 25 Euro. I wore the white top today and somebody followed me to ask me where I got it. Not bad for a casual top.

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Make-up Haulage

Hello, Welcome to my first post. woo hoo. Ok lets start with make up on a recent trip into town I got some lovely bits and pieces, including Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze and Mineralise Blush in Hand-Finished. I love Mineralise Skinfinish and was jumping up and down at the thought of one that was called Cheeky Bronze (what a great name). When I got Cheeky Bronze home I was a bit disapointed with the colour, it was redy rather than bronze and when I asked She-ra's opinion she said "perhaps it would look nicer if it was blended in better" which to translate means it looks like i had rubbed a piece of poo accross my face :( . So I looked less like Jennifer Aniston and more like Michelle Heaton. Another item I picked up was the Laura Mercier Renaissance Set. I love the sets that Laura Mercier puts out and this was no exception even though the main item in the set was a concealer. Its a great way to get items from the range and a lot better value.

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