Monday, September 14, 2009

Illamasqua Make Over Experience

Hi All, after reading posts and especially after seeing Pixiwoo's youtube video I was intrigued to try out Illamasqua's new range for Autumn "Dystopia". I headed into BT2 to get a makeover last friday. Illamsqua do both traditional makeovers and also makeup tutorials where they do half your face and you do the other. It was such a lovely day on Friday I decided that I couldn't possibly do anything myself so I just asked the girl to try out the new range on me.

Now to start off they didn't have the palettes on display which was one of the main reasons I went in, also the girl who was doing my makeup (lovely as she was) didn't have great makeup on herself, in fact I could see a blob of glue on her false lashes, now call me picky but I do like it when the makeup artist can apply their own makeup.

To say that I was happy with my make over would be a lie, a big whopper of a lie actually, some of it was, granted, the fault of a leaky eye (my eye would not stop watering) but I didn't really rate the makeup artist, my eyeliner was wonky and I looked a little mental...but not in a good way (the other girls on the counter had perfect makeup so I think that perhaps with a different artist my experience would have been different).

So besides that what did I think of the products??? what did I buy???

First item I bought was the Cream Foundation, the packaging is gorge, the shape of the packet (like the shape of most Illamasqua products) is shaped to fit in your hand. It has a built in mirror and looks very slick. I always thought that cream foundation was for older skin and I am still not convinced that it is right for me but it is smooth, bendable and has buildable coverage. It is priced €24.00.

Next up is a Cream Blusher in Dixie, it again has that smooth shape and is extremely pigmented (extremely) I love the name and when I learn to control my heavy handedness I am sure I will learn to love the blusher. It is priced €20.00.

Then comes the eye makeup I got a eyeshadow in Wicked, its a dusky pale purple, more of a base colour, don't ask me why I bought this out of all the colours that Illamasqua has to offer but it is a nice colour. It is priced €17.00.

For lips I went with sheer Lipgloss in Rouse which is a nice basic pink the tube of the lipgloss is really interesting and it has a nice and not overpowering smell. It is priced €15.00.

Finally for the fun bit I got the pure pigments in Android which is a metallic grey almost petrol colour, it will be the most fun to play with. It is priced €18.00.

For the most part I really like the Illamasqua products, the packaging is really slick and attractive although some items are obviously not the best like their eyeliner cake which cracked on the skin after a short time and needs a mixer to be applied (to have to buy another product to use the first is a bit of a cod to me, also the price points for some of the products is a bit mad?? 24€ for foundation but yet €18 for a very small amount of pigment??)

Anyway I do like the Illamasqua products and it was a nice experience but deffo not the best I have ever had. Pin It


  1. I had never heard of Illamasqua before the beauty blogs & twitter, I am dying to run into town and have my own make over done, I usually play it safe & stick to Mac. Is it only available in BT2? Just discovered your blog, will defo be a return visior, mwah

  2. hi thanks so much, you can also by illamasqua online at
    the website is not great, I love to try out new makeupbrands but lately cause of youtube i have gone back to MAC

  3. Did you get your lesson on CD? Thats the bit that interests me, hmmmm, when should I book in for ;)

  4. Hi Lee, the lesson that they put on DVD is the one where they do half of your face and you do the other half, so I didnt get that done, but its an amazing idea


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