Monday, September 14, 2009


After a very busy day on Friday I took myself and my wonky eyeliner (see previous post) off to Liffey Valley. I had been in Boots in Liffey Valley on the Wednesday on a search for their new eyeliners and they had nothing new so I jumped and grabbed when I saw they had a selection of new sets in stock and they were on a special offer THREE FOR TWO how could a girl say no (even though I had spent a lot earlier in the day ooopse I feel another shopping ban coming on.) Just to state for the record.... Boots in Liffey Valley is probably the best and biggest Boots I have ever been in, if you havent been you really should check it out.

Anyway, there I was grabbing with both hands the new and very fabulous Book of Shadows Volume 2, These are brilliant value at €36.00, I think that Urban Decays single shadows are €17.00 each (which at nearly $25.00 is pure madness when you think about it). I love both the quality and the colours of Urban Decay Shadows and with the new Book of Shadows there are seven brand new shades. The new shades are AC/DC a kick ass purple, Nylon a light brown, mushroom a very flattery brown that I am gonna love (a bit like satin taupe, Sphinx a gorge pink colour, Jinx a dark teal which is beautiful, Homegrown a very pretty pure light green and Misdemeanor which is a smoky dark green. But that my friends is not all... you get two 24/7 liners with this kit in Zero (black) and Burbon (brown) and (yes and there is more) a dinky tiny primer potion. I love this set, LOVE IT, I love the fact that there are new colours and the older colours that are in the set go well with the new colours.

I thought this was so good in fact I had to get this for my friend too so I bought two of these and got the 24/7 superstash free. (isn't free the most wonderful word in the English language??)

The 24/7 Superstash has nine mini 24/7 Eye Pencils (now people please bear in mind that when they say mini they mean mini - much smaller than the eyeliners they have in the set last year and smaller than the liners in the Book of Shadows) but they do have four new shades Corrupt, Binge (a very interesting navy), Eldorado (a gold which will be great for fun looks), and Oil Slick (black sparkle). I love these eyeliner so to get them in a set where you get to try them out is brilliant, the only downside is that they are supermini :(
the set is priced at €28.00 but it works out brilliantly if you get it free like I did.

They also had smoke out kits which looked nice but not as much fun as the sets that I got. I highly recommend getting on down to Liffey Valley and enjoying this special offer.......alas still no Ink for eyes but that just means I will have to keep going back. Pin It

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  1. Oooh I like the look of the mini eyeliners, I like mini stuff cause I'm fickle and get sick of things. Plus you use them up quicker and then can buy more stuff!


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