Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to Belfast

Well hello, I have been so quiet here for a while, this no shopping thing is no fun at all.

I am back with a bang though, not only have I booked my flights for my holidays (yepee summer holidays in December) but I also took a little day trip to Belfast with my friend. We started off with a trip to Junction One which is a must for any makeup addict. Junction One is in Antrim and the main reason we went there is because it has a Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO). That's right, if you are jealous of all the American girls on YouTube with their CCO haul videos (I know I am green) this is our very own little slice of discount heaven. In the CCO they have Estée Lauder brands so there is Clinique, Bobbie Brown, Origins, MAC and of course Estée Lauder. I headed straight to the MAC section where they have brilliant bargains such as the Hello Kitty eyeshadow sets for £21.95 which is a big difference to the €47 that I paid for mine.

Here is a breakdown of the prices (all in Pounds Sterling which is grand when there is a good exchange rate)

Mac Eyeshadow £6.85
Mac Fludiline Silverstroke £8.40
Mac Pigment Cocomotion £10.50
Mac Fix + Rose £8.25
Mac 224 Brush £15.00
Mac 227 Fluff Brush £15.00
Mac Shadestick Butternutty £8.75
Mac empty pro pallet £3.37
Mac Quad Amazon Eyes £19.86
Mac Holiday Eyes £22.02
Mac Paint Chartru & Artjam £8.21 (each)
Mac Dazzleglass in Goldyrock £9.80
Clinique Moisture now set £19.82
Origins Summer Essentials Set £26.25

As you can see there are great savings, and I am not being piggy greedy some of these are presents for people. It's a great place to get old sets and old collections.

From there we went on to Belfast, it's a great city for a shopping trip because it has all the shops you want but it is not a huge city to make your way around. I got a really cool Madonna T shirt in Topshop (from when she was cool, not from when she was adopting children from Africa or dating teenagers from South America). This was priced €30 but it was £20, this seems to be quite the trend for Topshop where a lot of items seem to be overpriced in Sterling and the euro price is crazy. I also got a bag in Zara for £45 which has that rock look and it seems to smell like leather. I got a belt in Warehouse which with student discount was £23.00 and finally a pair of perfect winter boots in Next for £75.00.

I also went to Boots and bought some goodies from Urban Decay which were also bargains, for example the Book of Shadows Vol 2 is priced €38.00 in Boots in Dublin compared to £27.00 in Boots in Belfast and of course I had to get some Nurofen Express...tons of it.

On the way home we hit Banbridge Outlet Shopping and got some great bargains in Oasis - a lot of the items were being sold for £5.00 and £10.00. In Banbridge there is a shop called All Well and Good which has cosmetics but I had done enough damage. It was a great road trip but I am wrecked, hence me writing a blog on a Saturday night.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sartorialist in Dublin

Street style blogger extrordinaire, The Sartorialist Scott Schuman was in town last week to do a book signing and speak at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar. Much as I would have loved to have gone along to hear him speak and get my book signed, I was unfortunately stuck in work. Anyway I just don't know if I could have coped with the sartorial pressure of that situation - what would I wear?!! A few other bloggers did go along though and you can read their accounts here:

The Style-List
The Style Strutter

So far, two photos have emerged from Scott's trip to Dublin (not counting the rugby photos from Trinity which remind me of the Circle of Friends film for some reason!).

© The Sartorialist

Scott also did an interview with Sean Rocks on RTE Radio 1.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's about time this blog bought shares in Awear

Wow this place has been quiet since Mags went on her shopping ban. The rest of us need to up our game! Expect a flurry of posts next week ;-)

I went to Dundrum with the Mothership last night to find something to wear to my brother's impending wedding and got distracted by all the new stuff in Awear - there's always new stuff in Awear which is one of the great things about it. Anyway, I bought this cardigan which I love - it's a bit different and edgier than your average boyfriend cardigan cause of the ruching and the studs on the shoulders.

I also got it this colour which they describe as lime but I'd say it's more chartreuse.

It looks great over this purple dress.

I also saw a gorgeous black top with silver studs on the shoulders and it has actual detachable shoulder pads in it and I want it. Only they didn't have it in my size. For those of us who remember our mothers wearing shoulder pads in the 80s, who would have thought we'd all be wearing them now?! Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for. Pin It
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