Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was on the lookout for some cheap make-up brushes as backups, and to leave at home at my parent's house as I always seem to end up there with make-up but nothing to put it on with. When I say cheap, I was thinking €5 or less for an eye brush, but everything in that price range was rubbish, and I basically wanted MAC quality brushes, cause I'm reasonable like that!

Step up E.L.F. . I had heard of this company before and decided to have another look at their site after watching Lollipop26's review of one of their bronzers on You Tube. I also decided to check out their brushes. I am so impressed.

From left to right are the blending eye brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush and ELF Studio powder brush. They are such good quality, especially for their price - really soft and dense. All of the brushes in the regular range are £1.50 stg each and in the ELF Studio range £3.50 stg each. They also do nice brush sets.

In addition to the brushes, I ordered the ELF Studio Warm Bronzer (£3.50stg) which I don't love. When it arrived part of it was shattered. The powder is so soft that I was able to compact most of the broken bits back into the powder. It's this softness or looseness (if that makes sense) that I don't really like about this bronzer, when you sweep your brush across it there is a lot of 'fallout' and I think it looks too powdery on my face. I'm going to use it more (maybe with a lighter hand) to see if it grows on me.

I also got three lip gloss tins (£1.50 stg) which are lovely - nice retro packaging & they smell gorgeous, and a nail polish in Dark Navy (£1.50 stg) which goes on very nicely but does not have great staying power, it's definitely no Inglot or O.P.I..

In conclusion I will definitely be purchasing more of their brushes and trying out some of the other products too - I've heard good things about the primers in the Studio range.

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