Monday, August 24, 2009

Awear is a magical place

I have been holding off talking about these dresses cause I am smack bang in the middle of a no spend month. As I had previously mentioned I had been spending like a loon on God knows what so I decided to ban myself for a month (roll on the 10th September). Anyway I have been doing good work during this time, I have been spotting items that will suit other people and bringing them together. Anyway back to my Awear dresses, Awear is my new saviour, it has smashing clothes and you can get about two dresses for the same price as a top in other high street shops. The first dress I bought is black and grey with animal print jersey on the top, I love the jersey top because it allows you a bit of movement and it also has my favourite ever feature on a dress.....pockets...... I come over all posh spice, plus you can put your lip gloss in them.

Now for my favourite dress, it is like a goth version of the dress at the beginning of Sex and the City, you cant really tell from the picture but there is tulle underneath the skirt and once again a comfortable jersey top.
I will be wearing them with a shock of colour, namely my new blue shoes :)

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OOO I got some new shoes on and everything gonna be fine

Well I may be known for my love of make up but a not so secret fact is "I loves my shoes" and these new ones are .... well, just perfection. On a trip to Zara where I have been stalking a studded blazer (but of course Zara never have a large on the shelf) what did I spy but these little beauties. They are just a beautiful blue with a slight platform and cut out design and a bargain price of 69.95 euro. I love them, I dare you not to adore them too.
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