Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sartorialist

I love street-style blogs and the cream of the crop in this genre is The Sartorialist. Photographer and blogger Scott Schuman formerly worked in sales and marketing for high end fashion houses so he definitely has fashion pedigree & an eye for a look. In 2005 he began photographing stylish people on the streets of New York, and since then Scott has posted hundreds of inspiring images from all over the world, picking up assignments from the likes of GQ and along the way. His subjects range from French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, to a group of school girls on a school tour to Paris (very stylish school girls!), to two Milanese barbers (one of my favourite photos), all framed by a street backdrop.

A selection of images from The Sartorialist blog have just been published in a book of the same name and I love it - there are 500+ pages of photos curated by the author. Some have commentary from Scott, relating stories or anecdotes about the subject of a photo, why he chose to photograph them, or how he got a particular shot.

If you haven't already, check out The Sartorialist.

My favourite category on the site is 'Bicycles' - people looking impossibly chic while riding their bikes. Not a trouser-leg-tucked-into-sock or a high vis jacket in sight!

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Mad about Mad Men

For a while now I have been a little bit in love with the programme MAD MEN, it is just so different than anything else on TV. Its hard to pinpoint just one thing that I love about the show, visually it is very beautiful to look at. The programme is set in the sixties and shows the advertising world of the sixties. It really shows more than that it is from a time when men were men and women were....well, housewives.

The lead in the show is the delicious John Hamm who plays the talented and yet moody Don Draper, he is a man's man, chain smoking, whiskey drinking, womanising, alpha male. We should hate him....but we don't. He is married to the Grace Kelly look alike Betty Draper who hides her depression behind perfect hair. If Bree from Desperate Housewives had a God she would be in the form of Betty Draper.

The programme is set in such an exciting time when women are breaking out of the home and into the workplace. Times are a changing and the programme shows how people and the world evolved.

To be perfectly honest though the thing that grabs me most are the wonderful clothes and makeup, I dare you to watch this programme and not break out the red lippy and black eyeliner.


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