Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes to Carrots????

Ok now this is a weird one for me, I don't really like carrots, I mean they are alright with a good dollop of hummus but I don't love them or anything, I can take them or leave them. But, and this is a big but..... I LOVE the Yes to Carrots Eye Contour Cream.

The cream (so it says on the tin) is made from spring water, organic cucmber and carrot juice and 26 dead sea minerals. The cream is light and fluffy, sinks in easily and doesn't sit on the skin. Now my strange addiction is the smell... it's lovely and fresh and well, basically clean smelling. I know it's a weird reason to like the cream, but when I put it on I feel refreshed and moisturised and clean and I think the light scent has a lot to do with that. It is one of those smells where I stick my nose in the tub and have a good sniff. Now I am a bit of a "smeller" of products and am often found with my nose between the pages of a freshly printed book....ahhhh it's like heaven.

I have tried some of the other products in the range including the Deliciously Rich Body Butter which is really really rich in fact its a little too rich, you have to rub it in but would be brilliant during the summer or if you have very dry skin (shins love it). It doesnt have that much of a scent but to be honest in such a thick cream it would be overpowering.

Carrot Rich Shower Gel is lovely and moisturising and has the lovely light scent which I am obsessed with.

I have also used (can you tell I bought a set?) the Hair Mask - this leaves your hair really soft and shiny and is a lovely treat.

All in all the range is affordable and is full of good ingredients including organic juices and dead sea minerals but more inportantly they do what they say they will. So next time you get a chance have a sniff and let me know what you think Pin It

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