Friday, June 25, 2010

Health and Wellbeing & Shops from Hell

Something has been playing on my mind lately, well when I say mind I should say waist. I have been noticing over the past few months I have been veering between stress/comfort eating and dieting. I decided this week that I am going to put the fork down and get healthy.
Today I read a blogpost by the very lovely Lee of and she seems to be in a similar frame of mind.
More than weight loss I want to get healthy, I want to get mobile. I want people to be able to say things other that "your hair is nice". I am a very juicy apple shape so I would also love to reign in my tummy. I want to be more "an apple a day", than apple shaped. Like Lee I am not built to be a size 10, I like to say that I am built for comfort not for speed. I don't want to have to shop in big girl shops.
This is another reason for the post as somebody who is on the bigger side of the high street I have found some shops are friendlier to curvy lady. One shop I personally hate is Topshop, while the clothes themselves are true enough to size (this being said I tend to err on the side of jersey when I buy from Toppers) the shops never tend to have bigger than a size 12 on the shop floor, meaning you have to go cap in hand to the sales assistant. Once when in Warehouse I asked the girl for a size 14 in a t shirt ....she looked me up and down and said "we don't carry that size"..I have since renamed it Whorehouse. Or my beloved A-wear who claim to go up to a size 18 but decided willy nilly that certain items only go to a size 14 (the designers decide that certain styles should only go up to a size 14). It can be frustrating and annoying getting a shop that suits you. Have you ever have problems when a size 16 is really made for a size 12. What shops are guilty of this.
So I know what I have to do eat less and exercise more. I lost weight a couple of years ago and it was a lot easier to treat myself when times were good with a nice top or lipgloss but now I will have to get in the frame of mind that being healthy is a treat, or maybe I can shop my my own wardrobe which has a few sizes to choose from. Along with SileC I have downloaded the app Myfitnesspal to my Ipod this allow you to track the ammount of calories and exercise you use daily. Its quite addictive and I hope that with this I will be able to retrain the way I think about food.
I will be excited to read every week how Lee is getting on, as somebody who managed to gain two and a half pounds on the Special K diet (I know my body is truely a miracle to science) I really want to know tips on what works for her and her readers.
This evening I decided to go for a walk and on the way I saw a three legged cat walking along, this cat was not fat as you might imagine a three legged cat would be, so I thought to myself if a three legged cat can be fit why cant I????
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shame, I will hang my head in shame


So me and my big mouth saying I was going to do project 10 pan. Tut. Well you know yourself I was doing so well.

Anyway I was flipping through a magazine and there was a picture of MACs to the beach summer collection, before I realised it I was on the phone to BT's and they told me the collection had just come in that day. So you would think it would be quicker to say "Goodbye" but trust me I managed a "can you hold a Marine Life and Beach Bronze creme bronze for me and I will collect it later today" in a nanosecond.

Off I toddled to BT's and to be honest I thought I was going to buy more from the range but magically I showed some restraint.

On the left is Beach Bronze and the right is Marine Life
Beach Bronze is a Creme Bronzer, it has a beautiful consistency and blends really well. I apply it usually using my fingers and put a bit on my for head, down the bridge of my nose and cheeks.
Marine Life is stunning, its advertised as a highlight hmmmm. Anyway it is a beautiful coral color with light champagne along the bottom. There is a very pretty seahorse design which is covered in a light dusting of gold. When I say light, I mean light one swipe and its gone and that is literally one swipe. Its ok though the pretty seahorse stays put. (I am a sucker for a gimmick). I use the coral as a blush and honestly I haven't gone near the actual highlight part.
During my trip to BT I became convinced that I had actually reached Project Ten Pan and that I deserved these. When I got home I read my list and I had only gotten to 7 which were mostly fancy bath products. Fail of all fails. On a brighter note it seems like Marine Life sold out everywhere really quickly so if I hadnt got it there and then it would have been lost to me forever. Ah excuses excuses ,
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Summer of Love

Things that I am loving right now ..... the SUN... hello sunshine where have you been?... I have missed you. Isn't it brilliant that the SUN has appeared to cheer us up during our darkest recessionary days??

Anyway down to business I received the Summer of Love Nail Kit from Urban Decay as a pressie from my BFF, usually I am not mad about expensive nail polish cause I would rather put my money elsewhere but I freakin love this set.

As you can see there are seven mini nail polishes in the set.
There is Shine on which is described as a beige sparkle and Love Light which is baby pink sparkle, these are my least favourite of the bunch they are quite sheer but still pretty.

Then there is Hashbry which is a deep purple colour and Aquarius which is electric teal. These are really lovely colours.

Now to my favourite colours Magic Bus is an "in your face" orange, Psychedelic sister a bright and beautiful coral and finally Woodstock a radioactive pink and this one is really radioactive. These three baby's are intense and beautiful and only need one coat for full coverage. I am not sure which one is my favourite.... but let me tell you this is all I will be seen in for the forthcoming sunny days. Pin It
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