Monday, January 4, 2010

Jimmy Choo for H & M

Sorry for the delay with this post but I thought you might want to know about my Jimmy Choo for H & M experience.

It was a miserable wet Saturday morning in November it was windy and the rain was lashing against the window I couldn't sleep and it was not because of the rain it was because I was just about to bounce out of the bed to head into town to try and get me some bargain priced Jimmy Choos. Wooo Hooo for the Jimmy Choos.

Myself and my cohort arrived in town at twenty past seven to go to the South King Street Shop, when I got there I didn't think there was anybody around until I walked closer and there outside were the organised and quite possibly crazy few sitting right outside the shop (they had fold able chairs and flasks) and to my dread there was a queue around the corner :(. We got in the end of the queue and I sent my friend on reconnaissance to count approx how many people were in the queue.

On the website it had explained very clearly that bands would be given out in groups of twenty to the first one hundred and sixty people.

People from H & M came around to explain what would happen (and to also give 10% off for the rest of the store stock) bands were colour coded and people would be allowed 10 minutes in the special accessories area of the shop, the staff would then have 10 minutes to restock and onto the next group. When the shop opened the main clothes collection were open to all. The staff answered questions and explained that there were a lot of bags and that if we didn't get shoes we would definitely get a bag.

It was the nicest queuing experience of my life and we met some lovely people, there was great excitement and chatter about what we wanted, we had great chat and laugh and considering we were there for two hours in the cold, spirits were high. Where I was positioned in the queue it was right outside the window with the shoes and bags so that gave us tons to talk about.

At opening time all hell broke loose, by the time we turned the corner and went into the shop the clothes had been engulfed by human clothes loving locusts. It was honestly one of the scariest experiences of my life, you couldn't move, you couldn't turn. People ripped the clothes off a mannequin (you know who you were) with such force it made a security guard turn on his heels. I did my best to escape the craziness and found my friend who was in a similar state (picture rocking back and forth with hands over head). It seemed like people grabbed as much as they could and headed for the changing room - the queue for the changing room snaked around the shop.

As I had been given an allotted time I headed off for breakfast in the Metro Cafe (which I love, seriously try their rasher sambo mmmmm) where we met Redser who dropped us in.

So back to the madness, the shop was so busy we could not get up to where the shoes were. People were not moving even though most of them didn't have wrist bands, the woman who ripped the clothes off the mannequin were the talk of the queue (everybody was very mortified for them) and I could more or less see what was left, I was really sad to see the bag I had my eyes on were all gone, in fact most of the bags were gone. Finally we got up when they called our bands and in a military attack on accessories we were done and out before our allotted ten minutes. The whole time I had Redser looking through the window finding the whole thing hilarious.

The staff have to be commended, they were so nice and organised, a girl was counting down the minutes people had left so everybody was informed what was going on, when the shop got heated they brought out water, other staff were giving out sweets and all in very lovely Jimmy Choo t shirts and were in festive form.

Now for the good bits..... I got the shoes that I really wanted - they are tall (no they are really tall they are not just car to bar, they are literally car to wheelchair to bar cause car to bar is waaay to far to walk) blue cage shoes which I think are pretty much the definition of the collection (they are pictured above) and I <3>
The shoes are the same quality as "real" Jimmy Choos they have the tag on the inside with "Jimmy Choo for H & M" and are in a gorge purple box with dust cover, even the bracelets came in a beautiful purple gauze, and even the shopping bag had lovely purple ribbon handles which I swung happily all the way home.

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