Thursday, April 29, 2010

I got Shellacked!

I got a little bit excited when (action)Mags pointed out's post about Creative Nail Design's new Shellac manicure the other day. I've always fancied trying gel/acrylic nails but have been put off by the fact that they ruin your own nails. According to CND, not only does Shellac not damage your nails, it actually encourages growth as it protects the nail. All while giving you 14 days worth of lovely shiny nail polish! 'I'll have me some of that', I thought, and made an appointment with Creative Nail Academy and Spa yesterday. I'm off to Paris for the weekend so the timing was perfect for a bit of a treat. Here's the result:

Isn't it lovely? I've already put it through a few tasks: scrubbing the shower clean, washing my hair and opening a can with a ring pull, and it's still perfect. In fact those photos were taken after I had done all those things.

So I'll report back in two weeks time. Underneath that polish my nails are in bits, they're constantly splitting and peeling so I'll be really interested to see if the condition improves, but it might take a few applications of Shellac for that to happen. Anyway, so far so good. If the colour lasts without chipping, I can see myself getting addicted to fortnightly manicures, especially if they expand the colour range to include some of the greys and greens I've been mostly wearing lately.

You can read more about Shellac on Creative Academy's website and on's post. Pin It
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