Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aww Poop Product RIP.

Last Christmas I gave this eyeshadow my heart & a couple of months later it was gone. It was Nars, it was limited edition, it was beautiful and it was mine. The gray/silver was perfect and the blue/navy shade was very flattering on my eyes, we were going to have a long and happy life together. Picture a very messy makeup station later and Nars Okinawa hit the ground and when I opened it it was shattered, broken, kaput, in a heap.

I pushed the eyeshadow back into the pan and I prayed that it was about to made a resurrection last seen by the big man himself. I opened my terrace door to blow the excess dust away..... and you guessed it, the whole feckin thing blew away. I.WAS.GUTTED.

I know, I know there are millions of videos on YouTube and probably a good few blog posts telling me what I should have done (the wonders of the interweb or wha) I was lazy and now I am paying for it.

Has anybody every had a beauty loss? Have you ever sat on your favourite lip gloss and it squeezed out onto your jeans (yep me again).

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