Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laura Mercier Masterclass

I have a secret confession, although I love brash and in-your-face cosmetics I have a secret love for Laura Mercier. The products are good quality and the packaging is sleek and sophisticated. Last weekend they had a master class with an international Makeup artist (his name escapes me but he works with "Laura" as he called her) to promote the new Rivera Collection so I booked myself in and here is what happened.
I love when counters have guest make up artists in (I am still kicking myself for missing the Nars masterclass) - usually there is a fee which is redeemable against products (€20). The makeup artists who work on the counters are usually quite excited too because they also get tips and tricks from the visiting makeup artist who works with the brand's main makeup artist or are involved with the product development. I try to take advantage of these and have enjoyed many from Stila and other brands (sniff sniff I miss Stila). I have really picked up some brilliant tips and its where I learned most of my knowledge about makeup and skincare (before YouTube and Blogs of course). I was told that the makeover would last for 45 minutes, 30 min with their own artist and 15 mins with the international make up artist, however they took their time and didn't rush and I was there for about an hour and 15 minutes.
Below is image from the Rivera Collection and some of the products that I purchased.
The very lovely Sarah started on me and removed my makeup, we had a bit of a chat about my dark circles (she asked me did I smoke, I don't... morto, my dark circles are literally that impressive) and she told me I should be using a good eye cream. She discussed the primer which of course is a stand out Laura Mercier product, I told her that I had it but don't use it cause I don't always have time to let it set. Ignore makeup rules was the response (who would of thought the classy Laura Mercier would be a rebel?), put a bit on your fingers and rub between your hands and then all over your face, this saves on product and also as it doesn't set it gives more of a slip to foundation so you use less. She also told me that redness around the nose is hormonal.
On my eyes the girl used Wheat Eye Basics, this is an eye primer which I think may become a new Holy Grail product for me (I will test it out more and get back to you) and then she lined my eyes including tight lining my eye. I commented that she was doing this before eyeshadow and once again she said not to follow rules. As she used the products she discussed them and explained how to use them.
The international makeup artist was there to finish off the look and as the new range concentrates on eyes, he gave me great tips about the shape of my eyes and really made my eyes pop. He was a real pro and made me comfortable and made me feel glamorous and pretty, which is how we all want to feel isn't it.
Laura Mercier products are very expensive, for example, the eye serum is €95. I told Sarah I would be back for that when I won the lottery. However every so often they have different promotional kits for approximately €75. These are generally worth a lot more and are filled with products including Laura Mercier brushes (which are brilliant). I would really recommend using these offers to check out Laura Mercier products.
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  1. Love the look of those products, cant wait to hear more about them :) I've only ever tried the Laura Mercier primer,so must research and investigate, would love to try the silk foundation...

  2. the brand is really expensive but I really like what I have, love the brushes but I have only gotten them in the exclusive sets, Love the lip glosses they are my favourite but at 27 euro....eerrr no way

  3. http://emeraldeyeliner.blogspot.com/2009/08/hello-welcome-to-my-first-post.html

    here is a reall old post with one of the laura mercier sets that I taled about

  4. I really love Laura Mercier products too! Treated myself to this the other day - http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Laura+Mercier+Mini+eye+pencil+set/141351411,default,pd.html

    Never saw them in BTs!

  5. GiGi I love the look of that mini eye pencil set. How are you getting on with it.


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