Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sole Therapy Fish Pedicure

Confession: I am a little obsessed with City Deals and Living Social. I check every morning to see what is on offer, of course the beauty offers grab me. Recently there was an offer for a Fish Pedicure on Living Social, it was a 30 minute pedicure for €9.00. How could I say no to that?

Off I went this morning to Sole Therapy to get my feet sucked on by some tiny fishes. We rang during the week and they said that we could just walk in, but when we arrived they said at the weekend your better off making an appointment. We came back at our allotted time and we were told that we had to take our nail polish off and they don't like you to have applied fake tan (think of the fishy) they have a small area where you can remove your nail polish. Before you put your feet into the tank they cleanse your feet quickly with spray.

When you put your feet into the tank the little fishes begin to swarm around your feet and start doing what they do. I am not going to lie .... it feels weird... they tickle and its quite an odd sensation, you can feel something around your feet. However after about two minutes your feet get used to the sensation and it just starts to feel like your feet are in a foot spa or Jacuzzi. It is a new fad and quite a busy little spot, a few people came in just for a nose (including one little boy who just wanted to see the fisheys). It is not painful or uncomfortable and the spa does not smell like fish. The fish look like they are hoovering your foot. My friend who was also getting it done is incredibly squeamish I thought she would freak out but she was grand and really enjoyed the pedicure.

When your finished you take your feet out and dry off and away you go. There is no cutting of nails or anything like that...the fish are the beauty therapists (I am just saying this because my mam was a bit confused by the term fish pedicure and thought you would be getting a regular pedicure as well).

Now I had been slightly worried about the fish after reading A Model Recommends experience but this was great, my feet felt lovely and soft afterwards the balls of my feet were really soft, I may need another trip to completely soften up the heels. For 30 minutes it is €18.oo which is not bad. I think I will def finitely give this treatment another go. Would you let fish such on your feet?
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  1. oh this sounds so fun, I really want to get it done at some point!

  2. This sounds great, at first I was like fish pedicure ewww but having read this I now really wanna try it at least once.

  3. i'm the same, would like to try it once but still freaks me out hehe i dont like people at my feet, let alone fishies!

  4. It is very strange at first .. But it feels like bubbling after a min
    And the fish do all the work.. They are only little .. Sorry for the crap pic

  5. im just to chicken to get that done ha ha !!! xxx


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