Monday, June 27, 2011

Elevease, The Shower Step

This is a bit of a random one, but this is one of those beauty 'gadgets', for the want of a better word, that really makes my life a lot easier. 

Photo from the Elevease Facebook page

Elevease is an ingeniously simple invention by an Irish company - it's basically a shelf that fixes into the corner of your shower,  on which you can prop up your foot to shave your legs. That's it. You can of course also use if for exfoliating, fake tanning, moisturising, etc. It also has a little dock to store your razor. Before I had this, shaving my legs in the shower was a very hit & miss operation. It's not much of an issue if your shower is in the bath, but mine is just a shower stall with absolutely no where to prop up my leg, bar the wall, and that's just dangerous. No one wants to put their back out and be found lying naked and goose-bumped on the bathroom floor with half shaved legs.

Elevease in situ in my shower
The shelf comes in white and chrome finishes, priced from €19.99, and you just glue it to the wall in your shower at knee-height with the provided adhesive. I ordered mine online but there are also nationwide stockists.
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  1. thats feckin deadly! I'm always trying to stick my leg on the edge of the bath, trying not to pull the shower curtain down hehe love it!

  2. aw ive been wanting one of these for ages !! my showers so awkward one leg up balancing with the one hand one foot dance !! :)

  3. Barbara said
    very interested in this, I actually cut my leg in the shower the other day. Will order one now

  4. Definitely recommend it girls, one of those 'what did I ever do without this?' things!


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