Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Missing Beauty Habits Tag

Although I am a beauty junkie I have noticed that there are some parts of a beauty routine that I just skip altogether, its not that I don't need to do them, they just slip my mind.  I find this kinda funny cause I will spend ages faffing around with eyeliner and the like but I am forgetting some basic steps.  So here they are the five beauty habits I forget

  • eye cream - I have dark circles, I have bags so I have no excuse for forgetting to do this
  • moisturise my neck - again why don't I do this all the time?? doesn't the neck age first? I have to start doing this
  • moisturise my lips - they are dry in winter they are awful, I have lip treatment in my bag and beside my bed
  • moisturise hands - I have noticed from my pictures on here that they are looking a little dry and along with the hands can age if we don't take care of them, I have hand cream at the sink, beside my bed, in my purse, on my desk in work, how many times do I use it a day ?? eemmm none
  • feet - I only tend to moisturise my feet if they are extra dry, I should be doing this every day or else they will turn into hoofs
From now on I am going to make a conscious effort to do all my missed steps.   I think it will be fun to do a bit of a tag...What are the areas of your body that you forget about?  What are your five missing beauty habits?  If you want you could do this as a tag or just comment below. Pin It


  1. Am guilty of all of these! Bloody hell we are sisters from another mister ;P

    Great post :)

  2. Im guilty of not moisturising my lips and feet. Cant stand anything on my lips and dont like to sleep with socks (for the foot creams).

    I use religiously everything else since i was 18 (im 27 now :D). I like it...every evening me and my pots of creams, find it relaxing. Hope it will show in 10 years time :) x


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