Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sigma Brush Review

This post is a bit overdue, well it's a little more than a little overdue.  I purchased the Sigma Premium Professional Kit and a few others in April... April 2010 that is. I know, I know, but I have been busy, lost track of time and the dog ate my homework.  Anyway on a positive note at least I have been using the brushes and can let you know what they are like after a year's use.  I had seen Sigma brushes on YouTube where it seemed like everybody and their mother was reviewing them and I of course got sucked in.  The website is really easy to use so I sent off my order.  Afterwards I got freaked out that when the package arrived I would be charged a ton of customs so I emailed the customer care and  immediately got an automated response "great, I won't hear from them after this automated response" I thought.  But I was wrong.  Within a day (a DAY) I got a response saying that they understood the situation and would mark the package as a gift.  How sound is that ?  I had another customer enquiry (sorry it's been so long I cant actually remember) and I had the same immediate email from customer care and then within the day a proper response.  I was really impressed by Sigma's customer care; not only were they quick to respond but they were also really nice and helpful, and delivery was in less than a week.

So what you yell you were impressed with the customer care and delivery time... give us the details.  The box arrived (top pic) and was very sleek. Inside the kit was packaged in a lovely bag and you also got a free sample of a travel size brush which I think is brilliant.  You can see the brushes that are included below.

So what do I think of the brushes?  I LOVE THEM.  I have all my brushes in a brush stand and I can literally not tell the difference between the Sigma brushes and MAC Brushes that I own (I only ever buy MAC brushes from a CCO)  After using them for over a year I could reach for a brush and not be able to distinguish between a Sigma or a MAC brush.  I have brushes from many high end brands  including Laura Mercier, Prescriptives and Stila (I will do a post on my brushes another time) and the Sigma brushes stand up really well against them.

The 217 (I think) which is Sigma and which is MAC?  The MAC is the one on the right which is slightly more splayed from use.  I was really impressed by most of the brushes but the Sigma 109 was a slight disappointment as it was not as full as the MAC 109 which is one of my favourite brushes, I have since learned that not only have Sigma changed the numbering system on their brushes they have also improved on the quality of some of the brushes and specifically the 109.

The Sigma brush is the one on the bottom the brush on the top is a MAC travel sized brush.

The 138 is by far my favourite brush I had been drooling after the MAC version for a while but it's only available from pro shops (it's available in Brown Thomas Grafton Street where it is fifty something euro). I love the Sigma 138 - it is literally one of my favourite brushes, having this in the kit sold it for me.  It's brilliant for applying bronzer or all over powder or contouring.... it's basically a fantastic brush.  When I was recently in England I went to the MAC shop and took a look at their 138 and I was truly disappointed with it.  I left it in the shop, it looked flat and smaller and nothing like my precious "precious".

Some people say that Sigma brushes shead... guess what some of my MAC brushes shead, my Sigma brushes don't shead.  I have heard that when you wash Sigma brushes the dye comes off them, now this is slightly true when I wash the bigger brushes there is a slight amount of dye running off the brushes but again I have gotten this from larger MAC brushes and it's no big deal really (my 138 does this but I would never hold it against my precious).

Can't be beaten prices
Excellent customer care
Quick shipping
Packaging is really nice and pretty
Free travel brush
Amazing brushes (let's not forget this one)

You can't buy the 138 separately, it has to be in the set
Some dye comes off the brushes when you wash them
errrr its warm outside but it's not sunny

So in conclusion, I love my Sigma brushes, I am really impressed with the brand (when I have to admit I was more than slightly cynical towards them after seeing so many YouTube reviews), how they conduct business and the products they sell.  They really don't have any cons.

Have you bought any Sigma brushes?  What do you think of them?
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  1. I only have one sigma brush so far, the f80 but i want that tapered brush you have there at the end, i believe it would make me very happy and we all want me to be happy, right? ;P

  2. It would make you very happy.. I would get another one if they sold it separately
    Ps these pics were taken a year ago so they may be crapper than normal

  3. I bought a set last Christmas and I find them mighty - All the brushes you need for a good price. Good beginner kit I reckon! And the customer service is unusually prompt!

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    Check out this comp for sigma brushes :)

  6. I love my sigma brushes! Yes they shed a little but so do most! Great review, I looked at that kit but had a fair few of the brushes in it already so didn't get it. Mel xxx

  7. I need some Sigma brushes in my life, they look and sound great.


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