Friday, June 3, 2011

Z Pallette

When you're shopping online, can you leave one lonely item in the shopping cart?? Hmmm I didn't think so. When I was recently buying my Real Techniques brushes from the amazing Love-makeup website, (seriously check this site out they have Sigma and Crown brushes as well as a myriad of other brands like NYC, Sugarpill and OCC) I noticed that they had Z Palettes. I was interested to know what they were like and since I had some depotted Urban Decay I thought I would throw a small one in my shopping basket. At the time they only had the small ones in stock (it seems they update stock all the time woo hoo) anyway it was £7.99.

As you can see I went for the animal print (I am shy and retiring like that) - it's make of heavy cardboard, the bottom of the palette is magnetic so you can put any size shadow pan into the palette. Although it's made of cardboard it is sturdy and not at all flimsy.

You can see here a size comparison between a MAC 15 eyeshadow palette and a MAC 4 eyeshadow palette. The small Z palette fits 9 MAC/Urban Decay shadows in comfortably.

Here you can see it beside my MAC yellow/orange/pink palette (why on earth I feel the need to have a yellow/orange/pink palette is beyond me and gives you an indication of my makeup addiction). Overall I am quite impressed with the Z Palette. It's a great way to store depotted shadows and as we know MAC palettes can be difficult to locate and quite expensive. I also love the clear top and the fact that I can see what shadows are in the palette. I have to also stress that Love-Makeup are a brilliant shopping experience; not only do they have brands that are hard to find but shipping was not expensive and the package was delivered within a couple of days.

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