Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CND Shellac Manicure in Tropix

I got Shellacked again on Friday. I'm sure you've all heard of Shellac at this stage but just in case you haven't, it's a hybrid nail colour from Creative Nail Design that applies like a normal polish, but wears like a gel, after being cured under a UV light. CND promise 14 day wear, a mirror shine finish, zero dry time, and no nail damage. So far, I can attest that the mirror shine finish and zero dry time claims are true!

I had this done once before last year and having looked at the post I did on it, I opted for the same colour this time - guess I'm just drawn to those corals! The shade is called Tropix and it's perfect for summer.

These photos were taken yesterday morning, so already on day three of the manicure and so far so good. No chips or lifting, as should be the case, and the mirror shine is very much still there. I'll update again next week  to let you know how the manicure performed over the fortnight.

It's recommended that you return to the salon to have these removed using wraps but I'll probably attempt some DIY removal, although not by the method I used last time (yeah, I picked them off). If anyone has any tips in this regard, please let me know.

I had my Shellac manicure done at The Salon in the IFSC. I don't see mention of it on their website, but the girl who did my nails said that they have an offer where you can get five Shellac manicures or pedicures for €100. This works out at €20 each (deadly at maths, me), which is a great deal as the usual price is €30. I was tempted for a moment, but then I remembered my nail polish collection.

Have you tried Shellac or any other gel-polish manicures?
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  1. Oh it's lovely! I'm really tempted to get this done but think I'd be itching to change my polish too much.

    To remove it yourself, file the top layer of the polish to break the seal on the polish (careful not to file to much and damage your nail) and then using acetone (or acetone containing remover) soaked bits of cotton wool leave them on the nail for 10ish minutes (the longer you leave them the easier it should be to remove). You can hold the cotton wool on with bits of tin foil.

    1. You do not have to file off top layer of polish. It is very easy to remove :-)

  2. Great, thanks a million for those tips! Would never have thought of filing the polish first.

  3. I had my Shellac done at BEU on the Lower Kimmmage road - they remove it for free when you get it done there...

    1. Hi there

      To keep your nails healthy you don't need to file or buff the nails when removing Shellac. Just get a lint free wipe and soak in acetone then hold in place over the nail with a small piece of foil. Leave for 10 minutes and the Shellac will flake off.


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