Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outfit of the Night

Here is a wee outfit of the night, I would have taken a picture but unfortunately I looked like a whale.  Anyway I was off to see Janet...(Miss Jackson if you're nasty) last night.  I thought that I would keep things simple.  I wore a white simple t shirt from ASOS. It is £15.00 and so comfortable. It can hang off your shoulder and the bright white made me look healthy which is quite an accomplishment at the moment. I love the texture of these t shirts (the kind of ribbed effect) I know you can get this kind of t shirt in Penney's and the like but I wanted it slouchy and v neck (quite specific for a simple t shirt I know).  ASOS is great for having money off codes online every now and then and if you're a student you can get a student discount. Let's not forget that they also have a brilliant range of makeup as well as clothes from pretty much all price points.

To go with my white t shirt I wore these red jeans are from Dorothy Perkins - they cost £30.   Now I have discovered that there is a massive euro to sterling difference with Dorothy Perkins  (like many of the UK retailers). These jeans were €40 and £30 so I tried them on in the shop and ordered them online.  When you sign up with the website for newsletters they give you an introductory 10% off and there was also a promotion on with an additional 10% off so I got these for £24 (instead of €40).  So along with big hair I was set.  Have you bought from ASOS or  Dorothy Perkins ?
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  1. ASOS have a student have I not known this all my life...well my college going life.....!!!!! OMG ;)

  2. A little off the shoulder t-shirt is perfect for all the shoulder shimmys that have to be done while enjoying Janet.

  3. What shoes did you wear Margaret?

  4. well i wore my €3.00 penneys sandals that broke yesterday GUTTED ah well


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