Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random things that I Love ..but do not use together..cause that would be weird

I love Salad Cream, in my humble opinion it kicks mayonnaise's ass - I love it.  It is Eddie Rockets' Burger Sauce and when I was in a butterless pinch last week I had it on my toast. Salad Cream I salute you.

This may be a weird combination but what do you expect really?  Bossypants is a really funny book by Tina Fey (her what writes 30 rock and wrote Mean Girls) I was literally laughing reading the back of the book and the laughs kept coming. I spit my tea out laughing during the introduction and there was a giggle in my gob through the whole read.  I thought everything was hilarious when I read this book (including myself) If you need something fun to read give this a go.
(Picture from Amazon- Not the one of the salad cream :P)
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  1. I love Tina Fey, Salad Cream not so much :)

    That book is going on my Kindle download list toute suite!

  2. i used to love salad cream! that was our treat when we had salads as a chiddler hehe must take a lookie at that book, love tina fey

  3. i just love salad cream turkey stuffing and salad cream its my fav xmas sanmbo love it :) x x


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