Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Signature Jewellery

Some people have a signature scent, some people have a signature makeup look. I am a fickle sort, although I might try a signature makeup look for a while (at the moment in case you're wondering it's neutral eyes with a bright Stila eyeliner).   So obviously such a fickle girly would never wear signature jewellery!  Wrong, I am not sure if it's (a) I am a bit lazy and taking off bits and pieces every day would wreck my head (we have already seen on the blog that I have laughter lines we don't want to add stress lines too) or (b) I am pretty much allergic to all costume jewellery and break out in a rash at the sight of it, in fact I have broken out in quite a bad rash from some dodgy fake Tiffany's I got in Chinatown.  Where was I ?  Oh right... so I pretty much wear the same jewellery every day. On my left wrist I wear:
Evil Eye bracelet that I bought from Etsy, this also has a sideways cross that I first saw on Laura Lollipop 26 this is for good luck and will keep me safe.
Return to Tiffany's Lapis Lazuli blue beaded bracelet which I got off himself for Christmas (OK so I picked it out and ordered it online myself but you know men).
Beaded friendship bracelet from Tiffany's, a couple of years ago while on holidays in America (well everything is better value there) I got matching bracelets for myself and by bestie (her what sometimes posts as Redser).  I never take this off. For my last birthday Redser got me this fab key charm from Thomas Sabo (she knows that I love keys), which I of course had to put on my friendship bracelet.
On my right wrist I wear one of my large watches, I love watches with large faces.

A couple of years ago my brother (best brother in the whole world might I add) was in Las Vegas for a "Hangover" type week (funnily enough it was the same time that the movie came out).  As it was around the time of my birthday I had asked him to pick me up one of the newly released Tiffany Keys, even though he doesn't really remember most of the week and when shown pictures he still cant really remember what happened he dragged himself (stinking of drink I am sure) to Tiffany's and got me my favourite birthday present ever: my large Tiffany key.  This means the world to me and is constantly with me.  From a young age I was quite obsessed with keys, I thought they were cool and although I have gotten some looks for having a large key hanging around my neck, I love it (my friend's little girl asked why I had a key around my neck...kids).  When I received a Brown Thomas gift voucher from my friends last year I decided to pick up a little baby Tiffany key with the Tiffany blue accent.  I think they make a great combination.

You might wonder where did I get my obsession with keys from - it's a bit weird right?  Years ago if you remember, Janet Jackson used to wear a key on her earring, I thought that it looked deadly and took my diary key and hung it from my ear ring (in fairness I wouldn't actually write in my diary, as brill as my brother is he would have been all over a diary).  If you read the blog you know I recently had the pleasure of seeing Janet live in Dublin (she didn't have her key ear ring though). When I was researching Janet's key it turns out that Michael gave her the key when she was a child and she kept it close to her by hanging it on her ear ring.  Its a nice symmetry that my key that was inspired by Janet's was given to me by my beloved bro.

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  1. LOVE that evil eye bracelet! Off to scour Etsy :)

  2. Snap on the baby Tiffany key and Double Snap on the arrangement of I got it from himself for Christmas (but I had picked it out!)

    My signature jewellery is my Links of London Charm Bracelet with a red heart charm and a lucky catch shell charm. Both got for significant reasons so wear it every day. Funny how you get the awful feeling in your stomach if you leave the house without it. You think it's lost and it means so much. Or you bawl on Grafton St when you really believe it must have fallen off and lost it. And then you laugh back at home to realise you never had it on in the first place. He didn't laugh let me tell you after being with me for my distraught moment on Grafton St!

  3. Those Tiffany bracelets are on my list for so long, they are gorge! Your protection one though, its so unique and pretty have to hunt it down :)

    Lovely post x

  4. I have left the link in the post to where I got the evil eye bracelet, there is also the shop classic designs on Etsy which sells similar designs.

    I so seldom have them off that I do get panicked if I forget ... Gillian we must have the same brain if we have the same key and basically have to order them of ourselves

  5. I love my buddy bracelet too :). I feel strange if i leave the house without a chain on my neck. I have a few that i alternate. At the moment mainly a silver wing with an amethyst that Mags gave me last bday or my old realiable, a tiffney cross also from Mags. I wore it nearly every day for over 6+ years maybe longer(inc Wedding day)and it still looks good.


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