Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleek I Divine Sunset Palette

When I was recently in the UK I picked up this little baby from Superdrug.  I thought that the colours in this were really vibrant and would enhance my eyes (from colour wheel theory that I pretend to understand) also Sleek is very hard to get your hands on and it was one of the only palettes in the shop.  Some of the newer palettes have names on the colours but this one does not.   There are 12 eyeshadow in the palette.

The lighter colours, although pigmented, do not show up as well on my arm, they do however show up on my eyelids and its nice to have something besides orange.  The orange looks intense and don't get me wrong IT IS, but when blended it is beautiful golden orange. This is the second Sleek palette that has a matte black - I don't really mind as its useful to have.  Although some of the colours appear similar they have interesting sheen and texture and I am loving that pop of blue at the end.  The colours really do put a sunset into your mind.

As you can see the colours are very pigmented and are very soft, my only gripe with these colours is they are so soft that there can be a bit of fallout (and that is just from the swatches). I am not sure if that is because they are mineral based or because the colours are so pigmented between swatching this and another palette my white top was destroyed and there were spots on my lovely teal couch, but at least that means the shadows are pigmented.

You can buy Sleek from Superdrug (you know how I feel about this) you can also buy Sleek directly from their website but be warned shipping costs to Ireland are a bit spendy.
Alternatively and the best in my opinion for Irish customers is to visit Beauty Emporiums website which has a €2.00 flat rate for shipping to Ireland & €3.00 flat rate shipping for the UK (they are currently working on shipping to Europe).

What do you think of Sleek's Sunset ?
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  1. Not looked at this palette before, its rather pretty. Might have to take a look.

  2. I'm with Loueevil, didn't pay attention to this one but it looks good.
    You should be on commission Mags x

  3. That's bootifool! Love it, my I would like to play around with them :D xx

  4. It looks so pretty. You're gonna have to stop showing me things Mags or I will be bankrupt. Hehe.


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