Friday, July 22, 2011

Stila Ooo Ahh a little bit more

Stila being back in Ireland is very happy for me, not so for my bank balance.  Last week the stand called me back like a siren's song.  I knew there were 5 limited edition beach pallets and I had three, it was like a final square of chocolate calling my want need have to have me.  Who I am to argue with the voices in my head?  I snapped up the final two beach pallets shutting up that voice, only for another to pop up  ... OOO look at the liner you really like the blue one, and they didn't have primer pots before sure you might as well give that a go too.   Now if you ever see a blondie woman standing at a makeup counter talking to herself, it's probably me.

I picked up the primer pot in Taffy -  it cost €17.00 (in your face Laura Mercier with your €30.00 eye primer). As you can see this is a skin shade that has a smooth and creamy consistency.

The final two beach palettes: they cost €12.00 each. I think that Striking in South Beach may be my favourite of the bunch, the eye colours really suit my eyes and the eye colours are really more complex than the photos give them credit for.  These palettes are a great addition to any makeup bag and have a great range of colours to suit everybody.

Finally the eyeliner in Electric, how could I not pick up this electric emerald green eyeliner? (I mean the blog is called Emerald Eyeliner).  These eyeliners really stay put - I adore them, and at €18.00 they are a good price especially as they last all day.  I see the whole range of colours in my future (the voices are at me again).

Have you shown Stila any love since its return?

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  1. Snap, I got Taffy primer pot & Striking in South Beach too. I also got the Kitten Smudge Pot.

    I might pick up a few more bits tomorrow, sure it'd be rude not to & we all have to do our bit for the economy. Right?

  2. Great minds. I'll have to check out smudge pot in kitten too

    Let me know if you get anything tomorrow ..


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