Monday, August 15, 2011

Best in Awards 2011

Last weekend I was babysitting and I was having a bit of a Samantha from Sex and the City moment, I couldn't blog/tweet/wash my face... I had a child to mind.  Sile, on the other hand, was swanning around Cork, quaffing cocktails with mickey shaped straws whilst wearing a mini tiara (hen). Why am I telling you all this random information?  Well it's really to excuse us from not talking about the AMAZING Best in Awards 2011 that we were lucky enough to attend last Thursday.  We were excited (so much so that my boss told me I must be a nightmare at's true, I am a complete nightmare). I made my hair really big, we primed, we painted our faces (most of which promptly melted off) and headed off.  The ladies at really know how to throw a shindig. The awards were held in the very posh surroundings of the Dylan Hotel, the West Coast Cooler was flowing, and everyone was dressed up to the nines.

I have huge admiration for the ladies at  and yes sometimes in a weird uncomfortable way.  I love that they know their stuff. They have basically one of the top beauty blogs in the world, and as I have said before they are The MOTHERSHIP but at the same time are friendly and approachable (even if  I did approach with a somewhat "special" smile on my face and was unable to speak).  

We got to mingle (Sile was much better at this than me) with some lovely people like Andrea (ArtDonatella) who is super glam and she not only gave me tips on how to take pictures of myself for the blog (and not look like an eejit) but we also got up to some giggly shenanigans in the very posh bathroom. There was Karen and Joanne from Lovelygirlybits who basically make me laugh out loud in a not very girly or ladylike manner, Claire from In claireness now fair who basically knows everybody, Dee from Dee-lightful thoughtss (another one that causes the snorting laughter), the ladies from Viva Adonis (Dee with the most amazing hair and eyelashes and Sinead who looks an Irish Lily Cole), Paula from Cornflake Girl's Musings, who I have brill conversations that range from the sublime to the ridiculous, the very sweet Cara from Nailish Ramblings (whose sister had a fab bag) and Ciara From Aphrosie who was wearing the most amazing red dress, Lee from who it has to be said has a banging body and inspired me not to eat any of the tasty treats that were floating around, Sue from Cherry Sue who I knew I would love (I was right).  I managed to miss Emma from Fluff and Fripperies and Joanne from The Makeup Fairy.

I have to of course give proper props to for the welcome and support that they give to other beauty bloggers, and for the community that they have created - it really is amazing.  It was great to get the opportunity to meet Kirstie again - she is so friendly and down to earth and has a brilliant style that is all her own. There are photos of the event over on's Facebook page and don't forget to check out the award winners, as well as the top fives for each category here.

Joanne, Karen and Mags
Sile and Mags
Monica and Chandler
(pic via's Facebook page)
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  1. Awww, bless you, that made me laugh!!! You're such a great company to chat with and I hope we'll do this again soon :D! xoxo

  2. Lovely post :) Love the pic of monica and chandler :) I think I had too much west coast cooler at that point cos I dont remember that pic of me being taken!! Oops

  3. ah god. That's so sweet. Thanks Mags, really appreciated.

  4. Bahahahaha those pics are hilarious!

    I remember snorting when you said it at the time :D

    Was an amazing night, so glad to have properly met you all and the feeling is more than mutual!

    We gots to do it again ;)

  5. Hahahaha, loving the Chandler and Monica pics. And you're spot about Sinead being an Irish Lily Cole.

    We definitely have to do it all again soon, it was a fabulous night.

  6. Oh mags this made me laugh a lot! My hair needs a chop you're too kind! D x


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