Friday, August 19, 2011

CND Shellac in Hollywood

As I had a couple of events in quick succession last week (the Awards, followed by my friend's hen weekend down in Cork), I decided to go and get my nails Shellacked again. I looked up the nearest, cheapest salon to me on Salon Addict and headed off to get them done last Thursday morning. I opted for the colour 'Hollywood ' this time, a classic red with very subtle shimmer.

CND Shellac 'Hollywood' - no flash.
CND Shellac in 'Hollywood' - with flash - shows the shimmer a bit better.

I love the colour and the shine but I'm really disappointed with the longevity of Shellac this time out, so much so that I'm going to take it off today, just over a week after getting it on. I noticed my first chip at the Awards on Thursday night (I probably obsessively showed it to several people!), just a few hours after application, the chip on my index finger (which can be seen in the first photo above) appeared the next day, and I had tip wear and wear around the edges of some nails after a couple of days. 

It seems the success of Shellac definitely lies in its application. This time, quite thin layers were applied and I would have thought that this would actually increase longevity (as it would do with normal nail polish) but I was wrong. With Shellac, it seems, the thicker it's slathered on, the better. It hasn't put me off getting Shellac again, but I would choose my nail technician carefully. 

Have you tried Shellac? How did you get on with it?

This was my first time using Salon Addict and loved how easy it was to compare prices, and to book online. It includes hairdressers as well as beauty salons. There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of salons on it yet, but they say they are constantly adding more. Have you used the site before? 
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  1. such a shame that it chipped! its a gorgeous colour.

  2. Beautiful color, im still coveting over getting my nails shellacked. Does the polish ruins the natural nail? x

  3. I love the colour...I can see why it's called Hollywood.

  4. @YourBeauty I find it does the opposite actually, my nails are usually stronger after Shellac (once I take it off properly and don't pick it off!)

  5. This colour is absolutely gorgeous! shame about the longevity of it though. I got Shellac done once and had the same problem :(

  6. They are so shiny. In fact they are so glossy I could probably CSI the photo and get an image of you taking the photo. Hmm have i been watching to much telly.


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