Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mac Girl About Town & Avon Dupe

Most of us ladies that like an in your face lippy have at some stage picked up MAC Girl About Town.
It is a beautiful full force fuchsia but not only that, it is called Girl About Town and who doesn't want to be a Girl About Town swishing her hair and being generally wonderful? I do, I do.
I do tend to gravitate towards this type of colour so I wasn't that shocked to find a dupe in my collection.. Ladies I give you Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick (phew they should really work on shortening that name) in Fuchsia Fever.
As you can see it kind of has a marbled effect with colour and moisture, it's really moisturising and a pleasure to put on your smacker.

Avon say that Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick Keep lips soft and oh-so kissable with ribbons of rich, hydrating moisture. Enriched with Aqua Silk Complex for 24 hour moisture. Rich, colour-charged pigments create captivating colour.  I concur Avon, I concur, 'tis only deadly.

You can get Avon from your local Avon rep or online from Avon Shop where they are priced €12.75 which in my opinion is a bit expensive for an Avon lipstick, but you know the wonderful thing about Avon is they always have some kind of wonderful special offer on (spend a tenner between pages 25-40 and get a free pony and a selection of cosmetic samples*).  If you love to have a nose around the Avon brochure you can now look at it online, brilliant or what? We are currently at Campaign 13 where they are €6.50.
*may not be current offer.
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  1. Ooh, they look identical. I love a good dupe.

    Hehehe at your Avon offer of a free pony as well as some cosmetic samples.

  2. ohhhh i must have a look :) love a good avon buy :) x x

  3. I was about buying an avon lipstick but didn't knew wich one shall i choose! U made me in love with this one! Thank u

  4. Your duping eye has once more astounded me!!

    Great work ;)


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