Monday, August 29, 2011

The Magic of Tightlining

I have tiny eyes, its OK I can admit it they are small and I realise that with a little floofing around I can make them look bigger.  Eyeliner can both be a friend and an enemy of the tiny eyed folk. I am always a little scared of looking like a Mulhall Sister if I go mad with the eyeliner.  This is a look we must all avoid.
(Picture from the Sunday World Website)
So while I have to go easy with the eyeliner on the top of my eyes, I have discovered that by tight lining my eyes it can add definition, open my eyes and also make the three stumpy eyelashes that I have look longer.  Lovelygirlybits has a brill tutorial on how to tight line with gel eyeliner but I tend to use a pencil.  I used to be a bit creeped out by tight lining, I didn't like the idea of messing with my eyeball and as my eyes tend to water at the drop of a hat I thought, whats the point? My trick is to use a long lasting pencil.   Below is a before picture with just a smidgen of shadow on my eyes.
As you can see just a smidgen of pencil on the upper waterline defines my eye (without the Mulhall look). Its easy to do and adds a small amount of definition and defines my lashes.
Here is the eye with a flash of liquid liner (Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Siren - my current obsession) and mascara (Avon Super Shock, another current obsession)

Do you tight line? Or do you have any tips on how to enhance tiny eyes? Pin It


  1. Great post and thanks for the shout out :) You are right, everyone should try to avoid the Mulhall sister look hehe

  2. Your eyes aren't that tiny , Madser!

    The eyeliner colour is lovely on you - have to say the peach eyeliner on the water line is a good trick.

    And a touch of highlighter under your brow and on the inner corner of the eye work wonders too x (I know you know this :P)

  3. I'm with CherrySue, your eyes aren't as tiny as you think Mags.

    Great post though esp the advice on not looking like a Mulhall sister, hehe. Sage advice indeed!

  4. yep I tightline...everyday i tightline :) the difference it makes is fab!

  5. Hello, found you through Karen's blog! I laughed at the Mulhall sisters reference!! I read the book about them and when I saw the photos it was a definite warning of what not to do lol.


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