Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product Rave: Garnier Summerbody

I've tried my fair share of gradual tanners over the years - Johnson's Holiday Skin (remember when that was the first and only one available and everyone went mad for it?!), Dove Summer Glow, St. Tropez Everyday... the list goes on. Up until now Dove Summer Glow was my favourite (repurchased several times) as it gave the best color in the fewest number of applications but it wasn't quite perfect - namely because of the smell. I found I had to apply it at night and shower it off in the morning, just like regular fake tan.

So this summer I decided to try something else, and I think I have found my HG gradual tanner - can you tell what it is yet?! 

Garnier Summerbody in 'Light Sun-kissed Look' (there is also a darker version if you're not milk-bottle pale like myself). 

The reasons I like this so much are:

  • The smell. It smells of apricots and I can't detect any of that fake tan smell. With all the other gradual    tanners I have tried, the fake tan smell was pretty strong and I'd apply them at night and have to shower them off the next morning so I wouldn't be stinking of DHA all day. With the Garnier one I can just use it as it's intended to be used - as a body lotion after showering. 
  • The colour. It builds up to a nice, natural golden tan after about three days of application. It's not a bit orange or dirty looking, and fades evenly.
  • The price. I paid less than €3.50 for 250ml of this in Dunnes, and have seen it for around the same price in Superquinn and Heatons. For some reason it is much more expensive in Tesco and Boots so shop around if you're buying it! (BTW off topic, I was in Superquinn today and they have the John Frieda Go Blonder Spray for €4.99 - bargainous)
So, there you go, that's what I'm using to fake my daily glow during our rainy Irish summer. For a deeper tan for special events, I'm loving Xen Tan Dark Lotion. 

Do you have any gradual tan recommendations to rival this? 
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  1. I'm not really one for fake tanning products but this sounds so hassle free I might just be tempted!

  2. Did it go streaky at all? I seem to have a problem with that and tanning body lotions

  3. €3.50 is a great price, shame I can't use it though.

  4. Lucy, I don't find that it goes streaky at all the colour is very light and only builds up after a few days use so I guess that any potential streaks get blended in :)


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