Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Autumn Nails

It was bloody freezing last night. I was so tempted to put on the heating but it's still August, I'm my father's daughter and there's just no way I can put on the heating in August. So I sat on the settee with a hot water bottle instead. Sadly, winter is approaching and I think the time is nearing to put away all my bright pink, pastel, neon and coral nail polishes and break out the darker shades instead. 

The colours I favour in winter are deep purples, dark reds, greys, but also nudes and taupes, which is why I thought I would love Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Café Au Lait, which came in my Beaut.ie Awards goodie bag. But I'm not crazy about it. 

It really is a true nude - exactly the same colour as my skin. It would be a good colour for work if  you work somewhere where you need to have work-appropriate nails (I don't thank God) or if you want to lengthen the  appearance of your fingers, it could work in the same way as nude shoes work for your legs (am I clutching at straws here?!). It could also be a good base for glitter.

Anyway, I really like the formula and wear of these polishes - as we all know by now, they combine a base coat and top coat with colour (although I still like to add a top coat), and promise up to ten days wear. I also really like the expensive looking bottles and the tapered brush. There are some great colour options for winter that are right up my street and I'll definitely be picking some of these up: 

Plum Luck
Red Zin
Commander in Chic 
My top coat of choice these days is also Sally Hansen, and I don't know what I ever did without it - this stuff is DEADLY. You just put on your nail polish, wait a minute or two, apply this & voila - completely dry nails in 30 seconds.

Do you change your nail colours up to suit the seasons? Or are you happy to wear brights in winter? Pin It


  1. love this line of varnishes...defo one of my faves. and i LOVE Café Au Lait! have all the nude shades in my varnish box. really love Mudslide too!

  2. Ah Sile, your nail polish posts make me wish I had nails :(


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