Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stila Convertible Eye Colour

Here is another one of Stila's "clever cosmetics", the Convertible Eye Colour.  Do not be fooled into thinking that they are just an eyeliner; they are in fact all you need for a quick and pretty eye.  On one end there is a eyeliner and in the other there is a smudger which inserts into a powder in a complementing shade.  Handy or what?  Now here is the down low, personally if I was going for any eyeliner this would not be the first one that I would reach for. I would probably go with the Urban Decay 24/7 liner or Avon's Super shock or even one of Stila's Kajal liners.  I like to line the waterline and these are not as creamy. They are however perfect for throwing in your handbag and they're great for holidays (please remind me what holidays are).  I do think they are very nifty idea and they line the eyes easily (not as easily as the others I mentioned) but I don't reach for them.

Indigo, Slate, Forest and Stone (I think this is the name of Forest and Stone sorry but the name has rubbed off)
Stone, Forest
Slate Indigo
The magic powder/shadow
What do you think of the Convertible Eye Colours? Personally I think that Stila has released some cracking new eyeliners including the smudge stick liner that I recently bought (that we can now get our hands on woo hoo) so I would probably give these a miss.  These are not actually available at the stand in Boots Liffey Valley but they are available from ASOS and HQHair
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  1. Really want to try these! Great swatches :)

  2. The colours look great so I'd be interested in giving at least one of them a try. Not that I need any more eye liner though.


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