Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am new to this whole TK MAXX buzz. I never really go in there cause if I am being honest I HATE the shop in general, it always seems messy and chaotic.  I don't find it relaxing, although it has to be said when I bought my apartment I did pick up a good few things in the home wares department.  Recently I have been hearing brilliant things about the cosmetic section, namely from the Queen of TK Maxx Art Donatella. She picked up some Stila for some bargain prices.  I headed to TK Maxx in town and was really disappointed that there was only one manky lipliner. That evening on twitter I was saying how I had gotten on and Karen from Lovelygirlybits and Sue from CherrySuedoingthedo basically encouraged/enabled me into trying the TK Maxx in Blanchardstown which from these experts is said to be the best in their experience.
So when I went into Blanchardstown TK Maxx there was quite a decent cosmetic section most of which was in sealed clear containers, the pros to this were nobody had stuck their dirty fingers in the products; the cons, you probably have no idea what the colour is.  So I under one arm I had the plastic containers and in my other hand had my phone out googling colours so I could have some idea about the shades.  When I was going out that day I gave myself a budget of €20.00 hmmm.  I really went for the Stila (Stila Freak) but was only delighted when I saw NARS.  I picked up Nars cream eyeshadow in Decameron (which the internet - Makeup Alley- told me could also be used as a bronzer) and Nars single eye shadow in New York (the name alone sold it but again Makeup Alley told me it made green/blue eyes pop).  These were €9.99 each which is amazing considering I had just picked up Nars single eyeshadow in Outremer a couple of days before for €24.00.
If you can see on the left is Decameron which has tiny bits of white fluff/organic matter/stuff on it, I am not sure what this is,  is is some kind of makeup mould?  I do wonder how TK Maxx get their products. From hearing something on the programme The City (I am well educated by reality TV can't ye tell) the guru that is Kelly Cutrone said when a shop cancels a big order on a brand, the brand is stuck with the stock so they sell it on to discount shops.  I can understand a few Stila products showing up in TK Maxx as it has been discontinued in Ireland for some time, but NARS?  Answers on a post card. 

You could use Decameron as a bronzer I guess but probably not on my skin at the moment.  New York is a Matt shadow, not my favourite type of shadow but it's a unusual shade.
I also picked up Stila Lipstick in Kelly which was €5.99 (yes €5.99) Nars Lipstick in Promiscuous which was €9.99 and Stila Shine Lip Colour for €5.99.  I am not a nude lipstick lover at all but these are quite sheer and not really offensive in any way.  I love the Stila Shine Lip colour which I got in Talia.
How pretty are the Stila lipstick containers (being the Stila Freak I may be slightly biased)
So have you gotten any makeup bargains from TK Maxx? do you think that these bargains are "gone off" makeup?
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  1. Oh, I love the Stila Shine Lip Colours, and Talia looks lovely! And Nars? Where have I been???? I'm slowly losing ground here, this must not happen again :P! xoxo

  2. TK Maxx scares me it has to be said but after seeing all the bargains that have been picked up recently I may have to have a wee hoke around! Love New York


  3. Wish there was a nearer one to me. Its a bit out of the way. I often got The Balm's blusher in Hot mama and a UD eyeshadow (still to use). Wish you could see what your buying.

  4. I'm loving your purchases!

    Trying so hard to stay out of there though, it's nowhere near spending ban friendly ;)

  5. Excellent purchases Mags, I'll have to start checking TK Maxx more often cos I always seem to miss the good stuff.

  6. this stila lipstick looks so pretty i really like the packaging!

  7. I need to get me to TK Maxx in Blanchardstown! I was in the one in Swords the other week + they had some stuff but not loads will go back when they've finished their revamp!

    Great purchases hun as always!


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