Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Andrea Fulerton Petrol in Water

Andrea Fulerton's Colour Layer System is a nail polish duo; either polish can be worn alone or the colours can be layered to produce a whole new (amazing) colour. 

The darker colour in Petrol in Water is a deep, shimmery bronze - quite nice, but nothing amazing and not a polish that I would wear by itself. But layer the sheer white iridescent polish over it, and....


Isn't it the most amazing colour? It really is like petrol in water as it changes colour depending on which way the light hits it - it's sometimes purple, sometimes blue, always gorgeously vibrant and sparkly. It's quite dangerous to wear this while driving - I just couldn't take my eyes off it! 

This is only available in Superdrug in the UK - my friend picked it up for me in Manchester last week - so if you want to get it on these shores you'll have to head to Superdrug in Belfast, where it's priced £7.99.
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  1. That polish is so unusual! I can understand that you couldn't take your eyes off it. I tried to score me some Andrea goodies in London during the summer but everything bar her nail care products were gone.

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