Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CCO Trip

There is probably only one thing that I enjoy more than a road trip with my bestie (Redser the Half, so named because she has glorious red hair and also because she does a random post on here when she has the time) and that would be discount cosmetics.  Woo Hoo.  Anybody who has visited America will have come across a Cosmetic Company Outlet or CCO. Did you know we have our very own Cosmetics Company Outlet on this Emerald Isle? We do - it's in Junction One Antrim which is about 30 minutes from Belfast (they really should open a CCO in Kildare Village don't ya think? It would be a win/loose situation, win for the products loose for our bank balance.  A Cosmetic Company Outlet is an Estée Lauder discount shop selling current and discontinued items from all of Estée Lauder brands.  The brands that are available in the Antrim shop  are Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Prescriptives (although the brand is now discontinued there were some items available) Ojon, Origins, MAC and various perfumes that fall under the Estée Lauder empire such as Michael Kors and DKNY.  I have been to Junction One a few times and I always enjoy a good ole nose around.  I tried to take a few sneaky pictures of some of the MAC products on my iPhone (sorry if the quality is bad) as I thought this is what people would be most interested in. 

As you can see there are products from the Surf Baby Collection and they also had quite a bit from Tartan Tales and some bits and bobs from Venomous Villains (sorry I was far too excited and distracted to take pictures of everything).  I always like to pick up my MAC brushes when I am at a CCO (I have a makeup brush addiction) and I rarely if ever will pay the full price for MAC brushes in Ireland.  In the CCO they keep the brushes behind the counter so ask them what they have in stock (they will either take out a list with pictures or take out the actual brushes depending on who serves you.)

So here is what I got, It doesn't look like much (I have another post with skincare) as I have already been there before I have some of the items already - trust me I went mad the first time I went to Junction One even now I spend all my time in the CCO while my friends go to the other shops. 

 I picked up a MAC 213 Fluff Brush which cost £12.00, Surf USA eyeshadow which was £8.50 and a Clinique Most Wanted Colour £14.00 (beautifully soft eyeshadow - Clinique I never knew you had it in you).

I didn't swatch the Clinique set because I think it will make a lovely present for somebody, the CCO is great for picking up presents and sets.
Have you visited a CCO? Tell me your tales of your CCO visits? Should we start a petition to bring a CCO to Kildare Village ?
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  1. That eyeshadow is a great colour. I haven't been to CCO before but I wanna go so bad now, hehe. We should definitely petition for a store in Kildare Village.

  2. CCO get onto my radar immediately!!

    That Clinique palette is fab.

  3. Wow - so much there in CCO from the photos! I've only been to a couple in the states. A little trip may now be planned.

    I'd sign a petition for 'CCO for Kildare Village'!!

  4. Wow - so much there in CCO from the photos! I've only been to a couple in the states. A little trip may now be planned.

    I'd sign a petition for 'CCO for Kildare Village'!!

  5. I'd heard there was one there but didn't want to trek up in case it wasn't any good. From the pictures it looks as if they have a great selection!:D Will have to head up soon! x

  6. Now I feel guilty for living half an hour away from it and never visiting! Actually I forget about it tbh, but must make a trip soon. I'd esp like to pick up some brushes!

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Nic x

  7. I need to get my ass there sooooon!!! I was getting giddy looking at your photos hehe


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