Friday, September 2, 2011

Pale is interesting..right?

I have to admit I am not an ardent self tanner, as 1) I never really get my legs out. 2) I am quite pale and I would look odd with bronzed bits and 3) It’s just too much like hard work. But sometimes occasion calls for it, for instance a wedding where I decided to wear a dress and didn’t want to make the rest of the guests snow blind from seeing my illuminous white legs.

I have used L’oreal Sublime Bronzer Gel before and although I really like the colour it gave me, the smell and sticky legs always put me off. So I was quiet excited when I saw the new improved L’oreal Sublime Bronzer Spray and its claim of no smell or stickness, also I kind of like the idea of a bit of spray painting. Yes the big funny nozzle on the side appealed to my love of gadgets, it looked cool.

As my skin doesn’t take a tan well I find I have to layer it up over a few nights to get the desired effect. So there I stood in my bathroom, spray in hand about 5 days before the wedding. I did have fun spray painting and it only took a few mins. True to their word there was no stinky tanner smell, even the next day. My legs were dry within minutes (its says on the can that if they feel wet you are spraying too near) and didn’t even have that tacky feeling you are sometimes left with. Also it didn’t go everywhere as I imagined it might. All in all application was quick and easy.

Now we get to the not so great part. It took a few applications for me to see the tan develop, and even then it was a bit patchy. Now this could be down to my application skills (but I used to be quite a good spray painter in my time) and as I said before I don’t take a tan well. It did take the shocking white off my legs but that was about it, in the cold light of day (outside the church on the day) I realised that I still looked quiet pale. Actually I ended up lashing on a bit of Sally Hansen Airbrush legs when we got to the hotel (did you know it says to spray it into your hand and not directly on to your leg..opps). Think in future I might just stay with my “pale is interesting” theory.

Has anyone else tried L’oreal Sublime Bronzer Spray? Did you fair any better?

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  1. I'm definitely a pale is interesting kinda girl, it doesn't help that I'm allergic to the DHA in fake tan though.

    Shame that this one went patchy though.

  2. Hi lovely! Just found your blog! :)

    I totally agree with you on the paleness thing, im pale too and tanning can be more stressful than not sometimes! Also im impatient and dont like the idea of the long process it takes to achieve a tanned bod!

    Havent used the spray but I used to use their gel, it was good!

    Hope you have a nice weekend :) x

  3. Hmmm I'm always suspicious when it comes to spray self tanners even though I have never tried any, but I always think I will be left with a patchy tan ):

  4. This is one of my favourite self tanners BUT I find it very hard to use on the legs.

    It's brilliant for upper body though - I think it's really difficult to spray tan your own legs. The best way I could get this to work was sitting down with my legs out flat (outside!) which isn't always practical of course!

    Entourage Gradual Tan by Rockstar is great for pale skins, or their Fame wash off. I've reviewed both recently if you fancy a look. (Don't want to leave link as I know some people don't like that!)

    Nic x


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