Sunday, October 16, 2011

I LOVE - The Mothership - Georgeous To Go

Since this is still "I LOVE" week I thought I would share some of my love for otherwise known as The Mothership.  As you all should know have been supplying us beauty addicts with up to the moment beauty information on a daily basis but once again they have released a new book that is not only filled with bloody brilliant information but the geniuses have made it handbag sized - it's called Gorgeous to Go.
I toddled along to the launch of Gorgeous to Go last Saturday in the Luxury Hall of Brown Thomas (swit swoo) and was delighted to see that it was jammers, the beauty mad were literally out the door.   The book was officially launched by Karen Koster but the crowds were there for the McDermott sisters.  The atmosphere was truly amazing.  The credit for the atmosphere has to go They have created such a wonderful community, a true sisterhood. One of the wonderful things about Gorgeous to Go (and in general) is that it's not aimed at a certain age, people of all ages can enjoy and learn from it. The ladies are well aware that it's not only models that wear makeup and this warm community that created spread throughout Brown Thomas Luxury Hall as women in line chatted (default conversation  - makeup of course :-)) and examined beauty purchases and makeup bags.  It was a happy exciting atmosphere (all except for the man from Cartier who looked at the huddled beauty masses with horror... I found this hilarious not only that we have Cartier in Dublin but poor Mr. Cartier's expression... we were sweating near Cartier after all).  I got to chat to a good few fellow bloggers as well as some lovely followers some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting before.  I had time for a quick hello to Kirstie (that is all I can manage before turning into a Beiber type squealing fan  "SHE KNOWS MY NAME AHHHHHHH")
A blurry little shot of my iPhone on top of Gorgeous to Go, to give you an idea of the size.  Honestly who needs an iPhone with Gorgeous to Go in your handbag?  We all trust because they have access to the best and worst products out there and let us know which to run out and purchase and which to avoid.  They will tell us if the cream that cost a fiver is better than the one for a hundred euro, and one of my favourite things about them is their quest to seek fair euro pricing.

Gorgeous to Go is a nifty little must have, it reviews products and shows price rating from € (cheap as chips) to €€€€€ (call the credit union for a cosmetics related loan). 

So far this week Gorgeous to Go has resulted in me being ignored at lunch (by my friend who was looking for a new eye makeup remover) and my mother finally abandoning makeup wipes for actual cleanser (who knows, she may start to use moisturiser next). 


My absolute favourite thing about the girls is they are not afraid to take the micky out of themselves and.....they make me snort laughing daily and really what is more beautiful than that?

Gorgeous to Go (R.R.P €12.99) is available in shops nationwide from 14th Oct (so what are you doing still reading this?)
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  1. Mags I cant believe i didnt get to meet you either! What are we like?!

  2. What?? Your Mam doesn't use moisturiser?! Naturally gorge, obvs.


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