Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love.... Stila Prime Pot in Taffy

The lovely Sile is off in New York this week, have I told you how much I love New York? Well I do. I have tons of brilliant memories from my many trips to New York over the years (all of which include Redser the half). I decided I could do one of two things this week I could (a) sit around like a begrudger and moan all week about the fact that I am not in New York or (b) think of all the things that I Love that I can enjoy right now.  First up is Stila's Prime Pot in Taffy.  This is a simple product that I have been using every day (as can be seen in the dent I have made).
The product itself is smooth and creamy and instantly opaque.  I love that this is skin colour/a little lighter than skin colour so it covers up any redness or colour on the lids (there is also a darker shade called Caramel).  Taffy makes your shadow stay put (unless you apply too much primer then it can crease in the lines).  Taffy simply does what it's supposed to do, I have various eye primer options from MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Laura Mercer (which you can read about here) but I reach for Taffy.
Taffy costs €17.00 and is available from Boots Liffey Valley (the happiest place on earth) HQ Hair and ASOS.
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