Thursday, October 20, 2011

NOTD 17 Blue Magnetic Nail Polish

As marketing geniuses seem to know, I am a sucker for a gimmick so when I saw that Nails Inc had magnetic nail polish I had to try it on when I saw it in House of Fraser Belfast a couple of weeks ago.  Nails Inc tell you to apply a coat of the nail varnish, let it dry then apply another coat and put the magnet on top of the nail.  Voila, a cool wave was on my nails. Although I liked the effect the polish was £15.00 and I had already spent a small fortune.  Since I am not great at nail art this lingered in my brain.

As you probably know everybody and their mother is now launching magnetic nail polish so I thought that I would give 17's recession friendly version a go.  I picked up the colour Blue. There are about 6 different shades altogether. When I got this I applied it the same way as Nails Inc instructed......nothing happened, not a ripple.  I was so disappointed until I read the side of the bottle where it says to apply one layer and then apply magnet (doh).  So I followed the instructions (properly) and here is the effect.

Not bad for about €7.00. My very shaky hand meant that I managed to get some polish on the magnet (double doh).  I think this gives you the magnetic effect at a budget price but be warned this does not last long at all, it chips fairly quickly even with a topcoat it lasts maybe a day or two.

If I am being honest I picked up 17's magnetic polish cause they have a special offer on at the moment, if you buy two products you get this brill little kit free (the kit includes a eyeshadow, liquid liner and lip gloss along with a money off voucher).  So will you be leaving the magnetic polish or picking one up?
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  1. I'll deffo be picking one up(or two or maybe three!). Looks great!

  2. Had heard dodgy reviews but sure now?

    Picking 'em up fo' sho'!

    Yo' nails look great x

  3. The voucher is only valid in roi can't use it in England :( nails look great though x


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