Friday, October 7, 2011

Shellac Rock Royalty & a bit of a Nails Ramble

So I am off to New York in the morning, and I wanted to have nice care-free nails while I'm there, and I also had a City Deal voucher that needed to be used up so I toddled off and got Shellac-ed (Shellacked?) again during the week. I went for Rock Royalty, a deep purple - I'd go with a nice autumnal colour, I thought, but turns out its gonna be scorchio in NYC, over the weekend at least :-) 

It's a lovely colour and all, and I was happy with the manicure at first but when I got on the Luas and inspected it in decent light, turns out it was shocking. Exhibit A: 

The polish on three of the nails on my right hand was kind of puckered, causing it to lift up off the nail, and then of course chip off. I suspect this was something to do with the lamp - both hands were done with different lamps. I won't name and shame the salon as I've had a good manicure in there before. I suppose I should have gone back and complained and asked for it to be fixed, but I just didn't have time to go back into town this week, so I went and got the three nails redone in a local nail place today - couldn't be going around NY with crappy nails! 

So anyway, even before this, I was thinking I have to quit my Shellac habit - I own an obscene amount of nail polish and it's pretty much getting ignored lately. So I'm gonna try and get my nails into some kind of decent condition so I'm not so tempted by Shellac. To this end, I purchased a bottle of Nailtiques Forumla 2 nail treatment to start using once I'm done with this manicure. Is there anything else you would recommend? My major problem is peeling. 

Also is there anything that I MUST buy in New York?! I'm trying to limit my cosmetic spending to stuff that you can't get here, or that is way cheaper there - suggestions welcome! 
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  1. That's really disappointing. I understand not naming and shaming but I hope you don't give the salon in question your business again.
    I notice that they haven't sealed/ wrapped the nails ie taken the colour onto the exposed nail tip. This should always be done for a professional finish and to deter chipping.
    Have a fab time in NYC! Very jel :) xx

  2. Thanks Arlene! No, I can safely say I won't be going back there again. It's a pretty bad manicure all round.

  3. Fab colour, pity about the bad manicure but at least you got it fixed....I can't recommend Rimmel 14 day Nail Rescue enough, I love it, it works, makes your nails look healthy straight away and it costs about a fiver!!!

    Have a ball in NYC :-)

  4. I had a similar problem Síle with my first and only Shellac...and to make matters worse it MELTED on holidays in Lanzarote. Lasted about 4 days! S x

  5. Thanks for the recommendation Mx - will definitely give that a go.

    Can't believe your manicure melted Sinead!


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