Monday, November 21, 2011

MAC Mattene Lipstick Rare Exotic - Almost a religious purchase

OK so I am on a shopping why do I have a new lipstick?  I failed (don't judge) but in my defence it wasn't my fault.  Let's go back a couple of weeks shall we?  During my daily perusal of (read the exact post here), I saw a beautiful vibrant pink lipstick called Rare Exotic, it was exactly my kinda thing so I saved the info.  I was in town with Claire (as my witness) and I asked the girl in MAC for Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick - they had never heard of that colour.
Where did you hear about it? - says MAC girl
Beaut - says I
Is that a Beauty Blog? MAC girl 
(Cue myself and Claire looking at MAC girl as if she had 25 perfectly made up heads)

Now this whole episode taught me a couple of important things (a) I have an unhealthy interest in makeup and (b)  I shall never be intimidated in MAC again.

MAC claimed they never heard of that shade before.  They never got it/must be American or something.  Did I let that stop me?  Oh no, like a girl on a mission the next time I was in town (getting my Nars makeover which you can read about here), I asked again for Rare Exotic (rare indeed)... no joy again, they had never heard of the shade but they had similar (of course they have similar I have about 5 of them sitting at home).

Last Thursday myself and Sile went to Dundrum for the Shop 'N Rock (which I hate by the way and the lack of manners in the car park turns Sile from mild mannered into "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry") and I thought sure I am here I will look in MAC.  Like a ray from heaven sucking me in was Rare (very flipping rare) Exotic sitting in the display.  I whipped it out quicker than the girl could ask "can I help you" swatched it against its closest neighbour (Girl About Town) testament to my dedication they had it in stock and it was mine before I even thought about my shopping ban.  It was the lipstick version of "if you build it, they will come"... "if you ask three times, they will know what the bloody hell you're talking about".
I'll shut up and show you the lipstick shall I?  It is a beautiful lipstick, don't be fooled by matte in the name - it's smooth and velvety and doesn't leave your lips dry.

So what do you have to say about my shopping ban fail?
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  1. Bahahahaha Mags, I'm not surprised you bought it after all that. It's a fabulous colour though so spending ban be damned.

  2. Ah magaluf, this made me lol like a lunatic as usual :) Gorgeous colour and totes worth breaking our spending ban!

  3. That colour is stunning, your blatant disregard for #operationshutyerpursehole even more so!

    Slaps are needed, half for discipline, half for jealousy...

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous on your lips, nice swatch little lady! Could this *be* any more our shade? (Chandler style :P) xo

  5. I absolve you Mags for your temporary blip in our shopping ban. Score on knowing more than the MAC girls ;-)

  6. You had me chuckling away with this one Mags, great post! And great lippie, too. Though I don't think I've the stamina to be trying to buy it myself...!


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