Thursday, November 3, 2011

New York Trip in Photos

Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline - Magnolia Bakery - Hollister on Fifth Avenue - Yellow Cabs - Empire State Building lit up for Columbus Day - 9/11 Memorial - Occupy Wall Street - Eighties Toys in Balloon Saloon, Tribeca (I would like that shop to be transported to Dublin, please) - Macys Christmas Shop - Times Square

Anyone else remember those 80s-tastic toys?!
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  1. Looks so amazing, it's my dream to go there!

  2. What beautiful photies Síle! Looks like you had a ball.

    Gettin' slightly nostalgic looking at those toys :)

    NEED to plan a NY visit x

  3. Ah, New Yotk New York... Can't wait to go back! Great pics x


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