Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When is a Nail colour not a nail colour ?

So when is a nail colour not a nail colour?  When its flipping 2 nail colours (get ready for a ramble). Way back in 2010 Illamasqua launched a competition where you could design your own nail polish (the winning polish would be made, amazing competition). I of course entered with the following:

The Idea for my colour is for those summer days when the weather decides to change constantly. When you leave the house the sun is shining and your light nails look amazing but by lunch the clouds have set in and you're all dressed up for summer and freezing. Alternatively it's also for those summer days when it starts out cold and you pile on the layers and then suddenly the sun appears and you feel like a misery in summer because of your nail varnish.
So the colour is a duo tone with purple and a golden pink. It changes colour between the purple and the golden pink depending on how the light hits it. This gives the wearer a very versatile look, in essence being two nail polishes in one. It also lets the people who love dark nail colour a change to play around with a lighter look.
So the colour is reminiscent of Laura Mercier eye shadow in African Violet.
It would also be a mix of the Urban Decay eye shadows in Last Call and X.
The name of the Nail polish would be Dublin Summer because of course a Dublin Summer (ha ha if there is such a thing) is constantly changing and it would be brilliant to have a nail polish to wear during that change.

Alas I didn't win (but I did get a email saying I came in the top 50- although I think this was an automated email to entrants). Big mistake Illamasqua as now everybody and their chic mother has released a duo chrome finish varnish.  (The everybody would be Essence & chic mother - Chanel).

So I have always been excited about the idea of two toned nail varnish (I love a duo finish eye shadow as well), so when I saw a post on Dolly Rouge (please check out the site - the girls are great and the blog is brilliant, check out the post here) about Essence varnish in 145 Where is the Party I was straight down to the chemist to count out my €1.29 (yes €1.29 for a nail varnish).  I think that this colour is amazing and well done to the Dollies for finding it.  I love the colours - it ranges from a green to a purple, I think it should be called something like "Dragon Skin" 

Are you loving or hating the duo chrome finish trend?  Is this the longest ramble ever on a NOTD post?
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  1. This was a very cute post ;p
    That polish is stunning, it's almost magical the change in it.
    I think Dublin Summer shoulda won!

  2. It's gorgeous alright - eh, well jel of your talons!

  3. Thanks for the mention x
    i love how cheap yet how bloody marvelous the Essence range of polish is. ^Rach


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