Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stila- Christmas Sets 2011

When I did my post on Stila's Dream in Full Colour Palette (read about it here) did you honestly think that was all that I bought from the Christmas Collection?  I know that Christmas Collections are generally used as gifts I have just chosen to self gift (which I seem to do quite a lot).
Here are all the sets together on the left is the Dream in Full Colour review here  on the right is the Holiday Lip Glaze Collection which includes 8 lip glaze's the colours are
- Apricot
- Kitten
- Starfruit
- Grapefruit
- Believe - rosey wine with gold shimmer
- Dreamy - creamy, beige amaretto with subtle shimmer
- Fantasy - warm pink with gold shimmer
- Kaleidoscope - sheer apricot with multi-pearl shimmer

(each lip glaze is .05oz.regular size glazes are .08oz.) all this for £16.00.  I Love Lip Glaze they are a bit sticky but they are sheer but the bright colours are pigmented they also have a flavour (the Apricot tastes like Apricot the Kitten tastes like toasted Kitten- OK maybe not).

Next up is the Daydream Palette (pictured above on top of the Dream in Full Colour Palette so you can get an idea of size).  The palette has 22 shadows (including Kitten) and makes a freakin adorable Christmas present, did I mention that this costs £11.50?  Who in their right might would not be delighted with this?
Above is the palette beside an eyeliner so you can imagine the size, some of the shadow are only ikle but sure you would never get thought the whole lot of them.

I bought my sets on ASOS but they seem to be sold out here and on HQHair but they are also available on BeautyBay.com where they also have an amazing Makeup Brush Set for £18.00 check out the collection here because I imagine they will sell out here soon. Pin It


  1. Oooooh I likey the palette, it's too cute and self gifting is all the range dontcha know?!

  2. That's a brilliant price for the palette! Looks gorgeous. Ah you have to self-gift, it's half the fun of Christmas shopping! - one for you, one for me, etc. ;-)

  3. The Dream in full colour palette must be huge! I have the lip set and know what size the box is. Kinda kicking myself I didn't get it.

    If anyone buying from BeautyBay it takes about 2 weeks delivery to Ireland. And you pay for postage. Kinda disappointing when I'm used to Asos or HQHair delivery timelines with their free delivery.


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