Saturday, May 14, 2011

New York Color

Many years ago when I was in drug store in New York I saw a brand called New York Color. I was in New York, there was a brand called New York... and it was inexpensive. Happy days. Like many American products we haven't been able to purchase them on our fair shores. Until recently that is. I have gotten my grubby hands on some NYC cosmetics (some items were sent to me and some were purchased). What I find interesting about this brand is the whole range is under €3.99. Yes ! THE WHOLE FREAKING RANGE is less than four quid. Many of the products are called after various parts of New York City or after things you would associate with New York. I love when the name of a product can put a smile on your face.

Here is a little look I wore today using the eyeshadow in High Street. The shadow is a bright sky blue, this colour like a selection of the eye shadows from the range are quite bright. Some people find bright colours intimidating to wear but what is nice about this colour is you can apply it very lightly and build up colour. I used a primer underneath the eyeshadow and it lasted all day without moving or fading.

I also used the liquid eyeliner in black which is supposed to be what Megan Fox uses and if it's good enough for Megan it's good enough for me. The brush on the eyeliner is really thin which means that you can draw a really precise line close to your lid and then (if you choose) build it up.

On my face I used the Color Wheel in Rose Glow as an all over powder, this doesn't really show up on my face as a blush but created a nice glow on my skin without it looking heavy with powder.

I have saved my favourite for last, and that is the High Definition Mascara. This is just wonderful, it gave length and separated my lashes and held the curl all day. Most importantly though, it did not irritate my eyes. I have been having a few eye issues of late which can result in my eyes running and some mascaras have made my eyes more irritated. I removed this mascara at 11 pm and my eyes were perfect.

P.S. Just noticed that my eyebrow looks a bit mental...please ignore
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Awear / Facebook 20% Off

Awear are having a fantastic 20% off this weekend, if you're a fan on facebook you can print off this voucher or bring along your smart phone and get 20% off.

Here is what I got
This is a lovely light summer dress very casual and easy to throw over on the beach (if I ever get to see one again). I am wearing it today with leggings.

I love the colour of this top - it is fancy without being over the top. I also got a pair of cute shorts with a cherry design but I cant locate a picture at the moment.

I bought these sandals in Penneys they were €15.00 which is a bit expensive for Penneys in my opinion but they are really nice.

Let me know if you buy anything nice.

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