Monday, May 16, 2011

Hair Inspiration

Hair can make us or break us, yeah it can make us feel wonderful but when good hair goes bad it can make us curl up in a sniveling heap. We all look at celebrities and think, God I would love hair like hers. It may sound a bit naff but we all do it. I have been brunette and red. I love the shine that you can only get from brunette hair. Red hair always makes an impact and it has a real wow factor but when I see it washing down the drain it breaks my heart. Most of the time I am blonde and during the summer I like to go a little lighter and brighter.

Here is some of my current hair inspiration. This is Ivy from 90210 (90210 happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine) she is a surfer girl with casual easy hair that never looks like much has been done to it. I love the lighter blonde at the front, it looks natural and easy. I might be a bit jealous of the lifestyle that this picture invokes.

Ah Blake Lively. What hair, swish swish. I want to know why hasn't a company got her to promote hair products yet? Her hair makes more of an impact than her banging figure...and that I am sure you will all agree is saying something.

I have to admit, I had one "A Rachel" that is. Jennifer Aniston has been my hair inspiration for a long time. I know she hasn't really shaken things up but the colors of her hair are beautiful and she always give the impression of simple and relaxed style. That is really what I want to look like, relaxed and easy and natural even if I am "ahem" less than natural.

Who is your hair inspiration and better yet what celebrity hair style have you had?
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