Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Fail

I picked up this Mac Strobeblossom Tinted Lip Conditioner when I was at the CCO in Junction One. I had forgotten my lip balm and bought this and a tendertone. I have quite dry lips that need a bit of TLC and this does nothing.

The colour is pretty enough and leaves a light sheen of colour on the lips which is pretty similar to the colour pictured... and there ends anything positive I have to say about the product.

The packaging, like with most MAC packaging is uninspired and a bit boring (the exception being some MAC limited edition packaging). The texture feels like you're rubbing candle wax on your lips. It is not pleasant and does not feel like it adds any moisture or is of any benefit to your lips, in fact it almost feels like it drys my lips a little as the product just sits on top. It also smells a little waxy. So it smells waxy, it tastes waxy and it looks a little waxy. The only reason I still use this product is so I can back to MAC the empty container. Save your money and buy Carmex.
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