Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dupe Alert! The Duchess of Cambridge's Nail Polish

So, like a lot of other nail polish freaks, when I heard that Kate Middleton wore a Bourjois polish on her wedding day, of course I had to buy it. She wore Bourjois So Lacque in 'Rose Lounge' blended with Essie 'Allure'. I didn't bother with the Essie, and just got the Bourjois as it was much more accessible to me - and the colour of it looks pretty much like the finished colour on Kate's nails that day anyway. It's a lovely, very pale pink that looks great with just one coat (like a shiny wash), or you can build it up with a few more coats. It costs €7.99 wherever Bourjois is sold. However... I was looking through some nail polishes that were very kindly sent to us by Fiona at New York Color and came across a really good dupe for it. Now, I know €7.99 isn't exactly mad expensive for a nail polish but if you can get the same thing for at least a fiver less, why not?!

NYC's Expert Last Nail Polish in 165 'Carrie'd Away' (love the names of these) is pretty much exactly the same as Rose Lounge. The RRP of these NYC polishes is €1.99, but I have seen them on sale at €2.99, but even at that they're an excellent price. I did test both of these polishes, and I took photos, but they were too awful to be published here. Unfortunately my bad habit of rarely using a base coat has left me with nails as yellow as a 40-a-day smoker, so they are not fit to be seen on t'internet without at least two layers of opaque polish. But trust me, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between these two polishes!

You can find a list of NYC stockists here. Pin It
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