Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Real Techniques Brushes (Pixiwoo Brushes)

Like many bloggers I am obsessed with YouTube and one of my favourite YouTube Channels is the Pixiwoo channel. When I heard that Sam Chapman was involved in the development of a brush line I was so excited because I am a makeup brush freak. I don't know if it's because I like the choice of brushes and I always think that this new brush will help me apply products like a pro, part of me knows it's because I am lazy and I will always have a clean brush somewhere. The line is called Real Techniques and it is made by the same company that produce Eco Tools. The brushes are "plush taklon synthetic bristles, which are hand cut and 100% cruelty free".

I purchased the brushes from Love and I was impressed with this website, it was my first time ordering from them and the package came very quickly. I am also impressed with the selection of brands that they have in stock, from Ardell Lashes to Z Palettes. I initially thought that these brushes would be quite expensive but I was happily surprised to find that they were actually really affordable. What did I buy? I purchased the Core Collection which is your base/face brushes which cost £18.99 for four brushes and the Blush Brush which cost £8.99. I think you will agree these are a brilliant price point.

The Core Collection comes with a case which and be used to carry/store your brushes or can be folded down into a stand for your counter top. Although I probably will not be using this it is a nice added touch. The collection consists of (from the left) a Contour Brush that you can use for highlighter (although I would use this for blush) a Detailer Brush which is a concealer brush or can be used as a lip brush, a Pointed Foundation Brush and a Buffing Brush.

I was really excited and impressed by the Buffing and Contour Brushes but the brushes that I have been loving are the Foundation brush and the Detailer Brush. I am not usually a fan of traditional foundation brushes. I feel they usually do not blend my makeup well and you can see track marks in the foundation from the brush. I usually use a stippling brush or a fluffy brush. I don't know if it is the fact that the brush is pointed or the taklon bristles but this brush blends my foundation beautifully - not many lines and it does not absorb foundation so you do not use a lot. The Detailer Brush is so good it can get right in and cover up the tiniest of spots or my impressive large dark circles. The design of the brushes, although simple, is bright and the brushes feel comfortable in your hand.

Above is a MAC travel brush the Real Techniques Blush Brush and a Mac full size brush 150. as you can see the Real Techniques falls in between these two sizes.

Top MAC 109, RT Blush Brush, RT Foundation Brush, RT Detailer Brush, MAC Travel Brush. As you can see the Detailer Brush is narrower and it really helps you get more accurate coverage.

MAC 109 and Real Techniques Contour Brush. The brushes are incredibly soft, in fact words can not describe how soft they are, you just want to rub them on your face (all day). They are much softer than MAC brushes and are the softest brushes that I own (Too Faced Kabuki Brush is the only one that comes close). I was initially a little worried that they were too soft.

I find that sometimes soft brushes don't work very well and they do not pick up enough product, they feel nice but do not work well. This is not the case with RT. I find the blush brush is actually working wonders. I love intensely pigmented blushes from NARS and Illamasqua but I tend to have a heavy hand. When I was buying blush from Illamasqua I was warned go easy or you will look like David Bowie. The blush brush picks up a little product (more than enough of the pigmented blushes) and the blush goes on perfectly, the same swipe on a MAC brush leaves me looking tangoed (and David Bowie like... but not in a good way). You can see below how densely packed the brush is, so the blush applies product and also blends out at the same time.

I cannot say enough good things about these brushes, I have reached for them constantly since I got them. There is something about the design that makes them a pleasure to have in your hands. The bristles themselves are so soft and the foundation brush has even converted me. I will definitely be trying out the other brushes in this range (and may have to get a brush for the 50 followers giveaway). Real Techniques also have a YouTube channel with tutorials on how to use the brushes. I also love the fact that Sam isn't flogging the brushes at every opportunity. They really do stand on their own. So you're getting brilliant quality at an amazing price - what more could you want?
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