Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Cream

Bliss is a brand that always reminds me of New York, I always think if I lived in New York I would go to the Bliss Spa then maybe a spot of brunch somewhere fabulous. At Christmas, Bliss were offering some wonderful sets - the one I picked up was the Triple Oxygen Set. The set included Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask, Triple Oxygen Energizing Cream and one of the Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Masks, all for €58. The face mask alone is €58 so you basically got the cream and eye mask for free. Karen over at Everything Girlie has a review of the face mask with some rather brilliant pictures. I agree that it not a miracle worker, its a nice treat for your face (and you can pretend you're Santa). My skin is normal enough but it can become dehydrated at times (even though I drink tons of water). I am the Goldilocks of face products as I often find that creams can be too heavy and lotions can be too light. If I use creams thinking they will hydrate my skin, my pores can become blocked and whiteheads form on my cheeks. Not a good look. Lotions on the other hand can be too light and my skin feels tight. The Oxygen Energizing Cream "is just right". The cream has a wonderful consistency that is like a mix of a cream and a gel.

Above is a picture of the cream in its jar and below it is on the left. You can see that it is more like a gel/cream than a liquid (on the right is Bliss Best of Skintentions). I find the cream wonderfully hydrating and it creates a great base when applying foundation. It is not too shiny or oily looking on the skin.

Although the set was expensive I would definitely repurchase as it offered good value. The sets were going for half price during the sale which is fantastic value and probably why they sold out before I got my grubby hands on them (they were on Blissworld.co.uk and also on A.S.O.S as well as being in Debenhams Henry Street). I would love to know if there is a less expensive alternative that I can pick up so let me know.
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