Wednesday, June 1, 2011

YSL Rouge Pure Couture no 7 and a Dupe

Once upon a time I was in a Magical Land (Boots Liffey Valley) where there are wonders from the floor to the ceiling enough to make me gasp with delight. I was on the hunt for something rare and precious, namely a slag pink lippy in a fancy container. I stopped at YSL counter and swiped many many slag pink lippy's on my hand. The Rouge Pur Couture had just been released and promised long lasting catwalk colour. I'll have me a bit of that. As you can see it is beautiful, it is creamy and man is it pink. YSL is a pleasure to apply it glides on your lips smoothly. There is a slight fragrance to the lipstick which is not overpowering at all. YSL say that this is long lasting and while the initial shine does leave your lips if you eat something (say a chocolate croissant and an apple ... yummy) there is still colour left on your lips. The packaging is beautiful and sturdy and if feels posh. However as you can see there is slight scrapes and discoloration on the packaging, it is beginning to look a bit shabby. This is really annoying to me as it was just in my handbag. Tut Tut YSL. This is a luxury product, it looks luxurious and it feels really luxurious on and you guessed it there is a luxurious (obnoxiously overpriced) price tag on it €31.00. Yup you read it right €31.00 flipping euro. Do I think you should get it? Do I think its worth this price? I think €31.00 is about right for a foundation not a lipstick. I think you should save your Boots points and get one as a special treat, that is what I will be doing.

Or you could just buy Barry M Lip paint in no 145. As you can see the Barry M is on the left and the YSL is on the right. Spot the difference. The YSL is slightly glossier looking and I am not going to lie to you its a nicer lipstick to your lips, however you could just go ahead and buy 4 Barry M lipsticks and a lip treatment for the same price as 1 YSL. The choice is yours.

You can notice how battered looking the YSL lipstick looks here, its obviously being abused by my handbag.
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